Saturday, August 31, 2013

Score! Discounted Sensationail

I walked into Kroger the other day and found a clearance section of Sensationail colors.  While Sensationail isn't my favorite brand, I can't seem to force myself to pass them up when I find them on sale...especially not when the clearance price is $5.99 each.  Sensationail wears ok for me and they have some gorgeous colors.  I just don't care for the small bottles, thin brushes, and 1 minute cure time in LED.  But I figured I might as well share a few quick swatches of my clearance score anyway.  :)   I'll get around to swatching them on my nails at some point as I go through my collection. 

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Friday, August 30, 2013

So I Started a Blog

I've been thinking about starting this blog for a while and finally decided to give it a shot. Then I spent a week trying to decide what my first post should be.

I guess there's no better place to start than with an introduction. I'm a DIY nail artist and gel polish enthusiast. I'm not a nail tech. Not a pro. Just a working mother with a love for Soak Off Gel Polish and nail art in general. :) One of the things I find most frustrating is buying polish online sight unseen. Those little dots on websites are never accurate! Since I clearly have started hoarding gel polish, I've decided to take the time to swatch my collection and post photos that are true color representations of my stash. I'll also share my nail art and manis along the way.  

Please feel free to check out my stash and comment if there's a color you would like to see swatched sooner rather than later.  But for now, I'll leave you with a picture of my current manicure.  :)

Nude Lace
For this mani, I started with a base color of OPI Gelcolor Bubble Bath. Then I stamped with Pueen 27 using Konad White and topped it with Red Carpet Manicure My Favorite Designer.

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