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Services are provided BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 
 To book an appointment*, please call or text 706.207.1275 or click here to book online.

Natural Nail Services

Basic Manicure (45 minutes, $25)
Improve the look of your hands and nails with a basic manicure. This service includes a nourishing soak, nail trim and shaping, cuticle clean up, skin care and an optional nail polish application.

Princess Manicure (45 minutes, $15)
Pamper your little princess with a manicure designed just for her! This child friendly service takes her developing nails into consideration to avoid potential damage to her delicate skin and nails. This service includes nail polish application and two accent nails with nail art. (Children ages 3-12 only)

Gel Polish Manicure (1 hour, $30)
Complete dry manicure with Gel Polish for up to two weeks of chip free wear. Choose from over 400 gel polish colors, including temperature changing (mood) and special effect colors! This service includes shaping and detailed cuticle clean up.

Dip Powder Manicure (1 hour, $30)
Dip Powder is a resin and powder system that creates a strong but temporary overlay on the natural nail. (Similar to SNS) It is stronger than gel polish and stain resistant. Choose from over 300 colors, including temperature changing (mood) colors and solar (UV reactive) colors! This service includes shaping and detailed cuticle clean up.

Pedicure (1 hour, $35)
Complete foot and toe nail care including foot soak, nail trim, nail shaping, cuticle cleanup, callus treatments, salt scrub, leg and foot massage and optional nail polish application. Gel Polish application is also available for an additional charge.

Enhancement Services

Dip Powder Tip with Overlay (2 hours, $40)
Add extra length to your natural nails with a Dip Powder overlay over nail tips. Select from hundreds of colors including temperature change (mood) colors and solar (UV Reactive) colors! (This service does not include removal of a previous dip powder overlay.)

Polygel Overlay (2 hours, $35)
Polygel is a hybrid gel and acrylic product with a light weight feel and natural look. Polygel is a long term enhancement product that requires two week fills and maintenance. This service is applied over the natural nail (no tips or extensions) and does not include a gel polish color. Gel polish application is available for an additional charge.

Polygel Full Set (2 hours, $55)
Full set of nail extensions with Polygel. Polygel is a hard gel and acrylic hybrid product with a light feel and natural look. This is a long term nail enhancement that requires two week fills and maintenance. This service includes a gel polish color application.

Polygel Fill-in and Rebalance (2 hours, $30 and up)
Two week fill-in and rebalance for Polygel nails. Price may vary based on growth or for additional weeks between fills. This service does not include a gel polish color. Gel polish application is available for an additional charge. *Available for Polygel applications originally provided by Manic Talons Nail Design. Some exceptions may be made. Please call or text for more information. 

Enhancement Removal (45 minutes, $15 and up)
Removal of Acrylic or Hard Gel products using appropriate and safe removal techniques. Additional charges may apply for removals that exceed 45 minutes and/or for the removal of illegal MMA acrylic.

Add-On Services

Nail Art (time and prices vary)
Add a little spice to your nails with a nail art design on a accent nail or two or even ten! Freehand, stamping, and advanced techniques available. Prices vary based on design complexity. This service must be booked with a full service.

Pigment Effect (20 minutes, $1 per nail and up)
Holographic, Chrome or Mirror pigment effect application. This is an add on service that must be combined with a Gel Polish or Polygel service or Gel Polish Add On.

Gel Polish Add On (30 minutes, $10)
Add a Gel Polish Color over an enhancement or in place of polish with your pedicure service. Choose from over 400 gel polish colors!

French Style Tip (15 minutes, $5)
Add a french manicure finish to any nail polish, gel polish or dip powder service.

Gel Polish Removal (15 minutes, $8)
Proper soak off removal of Gel Polish.

Dip Powder Removal (20minutes, $8)
Proper soak off removal of Dip Powder Overlays.

Nail Repair (15 minutes, $5 and up)
Repair a broken natural nail or replace a missing overlay or tip. Repairs may be done with multiple product types. The best product for your unique repair needs will be determined at your appointment.

IBX Treatment (20 minutes, $10 and up)
IBX works within the nail to bond splitting and peeling layers back together so the damaged area of the nail can grow out without continued splitting. This is an add on service that must be booked with a Basic Manicure or Gel Polish Manicure.

Soak Off Gel Overlay (15 minutes, $10)
If your nails need a little more support than Gel Polish provides, add a soak off gel overlay under your gel polish color for extra strength.

Acrygel Overlay (15 minutes, $10)
Acrylic powder is applied to gel polish layer to add even more strength to your gel polish application.

*At Manic Talons Nail Design, your health and safety are our top priority. All services are provided following Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Regulations. We reserve the right to refuse services when conditions are present that put our clients and/or Nail Technician at risk.  Prices are subject to change.