Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm still alive and kicking!!!

Hello Loves. Just a quick pop in to let you know I'm still alive and well. I totally planned to get a few posts up over the past month, but see...what had happened was...

Ok, fine. I don't have a really fun story to share. I wasn't abducted by aliens. I didn't win the lottery (unless you count my $4 Powerball winnings lol). And I didn't become an instant success and get swept away on an international nail tour (but how cool would that be?!?!?!). Nah, I've just been busy being me. The holidays were a whirlwind. Between kid stuff, family stuff, holiday rush at the salon, and a Christmas cold that I'm still struggling to get over, I didn't have a moment to breathe. So, I'm back...sorta. I'm working on a few reviews - one of which I'll post later today or first thing tomorrow morning. And I'm working on a MAJOR swatch product for one of my favorite brands.  Here's a sneaky peaky screen shot from my files.  ;)

So watch for a series of Madam Glam swatch posts, including a review of the new One Step gels. I also have some Bundle Monster, Purjoi and KBShimmer reviews headed your way.  Plus a ton of fun salon manicures that I haven't had a chance to share here.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Oh, and we're moving at the end of the month, so no internet and a whole lot of packing.

In case I disappear again, be sure you're following me on Instagram. I have been sharing salon manicures there from time to time while I was away and will continue that even if I can't keep up here.  But don't worry...I will be back on schedule eventually.

Love y'all!



  1. I have sooo missed you. Been wondering about you. Stay well, and I will look you up on Instagram. Thanks for the heads up. Lynette

  2. So many fun manicures on your instagram. The snowflakes, the Santa hats . . . Great ideas. Can't wait for things to settle down. The holidays were super overwhelming here, too, with a new baby in the house!

  3. Hi Michelle!

    I'm a nail tech also and was wondering if you plan to go to Premiere Show in Orlando to take some of Tina and Jaime's workshops?

    1. I really want to, but I don't think its in the cards for this year. I'm already going to Galtinburg and Vegas in July so another show would be a tad much for my budget. I really want to catch one of their classes, though. I freaking love Tina's book!


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