Sunday, September 8, 2013

More LeChat Perfect Match Mood Swatches (and this week's mani)

I have two more LeChat Perfect Match Mood swatches for you today.  Crimson Nightfall from the newest release and Frozen Cold Spell from a previous release.

Crimson Nightfall
Crimson Nightfall is a gorgeous blue leaning red cream that shifts to a dark cherry red when cold.  Please excuse the poor application on the index finger.  It's not a problem with the polish.  Like all of my LeChats, it applied like a dream.  My son simply woke up early from his nap and caused me to rush.

 Frozen Cold Spell
Frozen Cold Spell is a tough one to photograph.  It shifts from a gorgeous blue with purple shimmer when warm to a deep shimmery purple when cold.  While in natural transition, it is a subtle fade.  I actually planned to swatch one other color today, but when I saw this one in action I decided I had to keep it for a bit.  This has officially become my favorite mood polish for cooler weather. :)

And I couldn't resist going back and adding this adorable bird stamp from MoYou London Pro Collection 04. 
MoYou London (not to be confused with another UK company by the name of MoYou which I have not tried) is currently releasing some amazing images.  I have pre-ordered some of the new XL images and can't wait to get my hands on them after seeing how well this one stamped.  (Note: the image above is a forced color shift using water on the tips to better show the color change since the natural transition is so subtle in the comparison above.)

That's all for now.  No crazy rambling today like my last post.  Be on the lookout for a few Ink swatches next weekend.  ;)

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