Monday, October 7, 2013

IBD Just Gel Tinseltown Collection Glitters

Purchased by Me

I have a few more glitters to show you today.  This time, the two from the newer IBD Tinseltown Collection.  Both of these are very interesting glitters and extremely hard to capture on camera.

First up, Glitterazzi.  This is a clear topper with a blue shimmer, silver and black glitter, and flakies.  Like the Calligraffiti collection, this one was a little difficult to apply.  The flakies don't really want to lay flat on their own.  But, I digress.  On to the pictures.  As usual, I swatched 3 coats.

And a closeup that shows the shimmer better.
IBD Just Gel

Up next, Lights! Camera! Karats!  This is an awesome topper with a clear base, blue shimmer, iridescent glitter, and silver holographic strip glitter.  Of the two, I think this one is my favorite.  It was much easier to apply, but equally difficult to capture on camera. 
Lights! Camera! Karats!

Here's a close up of Lights! Camera! Karats!
IBD Just Gel Swatch

And here they are side by side over a base color.  For this picture, I did one coat of each topper. 
Tinseltown glitter

For the above comparison, I used a base of IBD I'm No Damsel (from a previous release).  Here's the swatch before toppers.
I'm No Damsel

And that's all for today.  :)  I still have 2 OPI GelColor swatches to edit - including Peace, Love and OPI - so look for those later in the week. 



  1. how many coats did it take for I'm No Damsel to be that opaque? Would you say it's a safe color for beginners?

    1. This is three coats. I feel that cremes are a bit less forgiving for beginners as a general rule, but as far as cremes go this one is easy enough to apply.


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