Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm in the mood for a little Lechat Perfect Match

Purchased by Me

I have a few more LeChat swatches to show you today.  Not moods this time, but gorgeous none the less.  These are all from the Perfect Match line and come with a bottle of matching regular polish.  I'm jumping around in different collections again. As usual, I'll start with the least of my favorites and save the best for last.

Before I get to the swatches, I also want to point out that I havs created a facebook page where I will share new posts and some of my manis that don't make it onto this blog.  Please feel free to like my page for updates.  And I'm on Pinterest now as well.  Now, onto the swatches.

Knight's Honor is a gorgeous, frosty gun metal grey from the A Royal Affair Collection.  There's not much to say about this one as the picture speaks for itself.
LeChat Soak Off Gel Polish

One thing I love about LeChat is they have managed to get their soak off gel (SOG) and regular polish (RNP) versions to match almost exactly.  The gel is a tiny bit lighter, but not enough that anyone would notice.
Knight's Honor

Next, Dark Forest from the new Mystical Beauty Collection.  The name says it all; a sultry dark forest green cream.  This one just screams winter to me.
Soak Off Gel Polish

Again, only a very slight different between the SOG and RNP versions.  The color looks a bit lighter here on both swatches due to the light shining through the back of the clear swatch.  As you can see in the picture above, it is actually a darker green on the nails.
LeChat Perfect Match Dark Forest

Finally, Night at the Cinema from the Vintage Hollywood Collection.  This is a deep, glittery purple that leans maroon.  It seriously broke my heart to soak this one off.  Added bonus: it was opaque in 2 coats.  Of course, I swatched 3 anyway for consistency, but the third coat certainly wasn't needed.  I foresee this color being one I wear multiple times this fall and winter.
Night at the Cinema Swatch

This one is slightly different in the RNP version as well.  The color is the same, but the texture is different.  Another coat of RNP top coat would likely make them a perfect match.
Night at the Cinema

That's all for today.  I have a few more LeChat Perfect Match selections in my stash, but those will have to wait for another day.  :)



  1. OMG! I absolutely LOVE the Dark Forest and Night at the Cinema!

  2. Do you buff with Le Chat? I was taught to buff before Gelish but choose not to as Doug Schoon wants buffing always weakens the nail so I just don't and it doesn't affect Gelish wear. So just wondering if you have done Le Chat gel without buffing and if so what was your wear like?

    1. I don't buff either unless I'm doing a wear test (and only then because I follow the manufacturer instructions exactly for fairness). LeChat wears well for me without buffing. I can get two weeks out of it. Of course, it could be completely different for someone else since not all bases work well for all people. You can always use LeChat colors with your Gelish base though.

  3. Ok, what is buffing? I'm a newbie.

    1. Buffing is when you use a higher grit file to remove the shine from the nail


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