Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gearing up for St. Patrick's Day with Greens by Couture

Press Sample

Green Soak Off Gel Polish By Couture Gel Nail Polish

Hello loves.  I spent some time this week looking at all of my green gel polishes in anticipation of a little St. Patty's Day nail art.  I decided I really need to show you greens offered by Couture Gel Nail Polish.  Four of these five were sent to me to review.  The other is one from my private stash that I have shown you before, but I'm including it again just to have all the greens in one post.  :)

The first color I have to show you is what I personally think of as a St. Patrick's Day green.  Big Spender is a beautiful cream green with slight olive tones.  You will definitely see this one incorporated into a nail art design between now and St. Patrick's Day!
Couture Soak Off Gel Polish Big Spender Swatch

High Roller is a gorgeous, hunter green jelly.  I'm not usually a huge fan of jelly finishes, but this one is quite nice as it is opaque in three coats, but each individual layer is sheer enough to provide abundant glitter layering possibilities.
Couture Soak Off Gel Polish High Roller Swatch

Green With Envy is a bright shimmery green with golden tones.  If you love greens and bright colors, you need this one in your collection.  Not only is it an amazing color, but it also has a subtle duo-chrome effect.  It changes from a golden green to a slightly bluish green depending on the light.  You can see the shift along the curves of my nails in the picture below.
Couture Soak Off Gel Polish Green With Envy Swatch

Aloe Very is the one I have shown you in a previous post, but it is certainly worthy of a reswatch.  This frosty green is my personal favorite out of the green tones and finishes offered by Couture.  This one also looks completely different depending on the lighting.  Sometimes it takes on a truer green tone, other times it has a bit of blue tone like in the picture below.  I showed it previously in lighting that captured the green tone in this post.
Couture Soak Off Gel Polish Aloe Very Swatch

The final green from Couture is Silky Sea Foam.  This is a very light, pastel green cream.  This one makes me think of spring.  I think I actually had an Easter dress this exact color when I was a little girl.   
Couture Soak Off Gel Polish Silky Sea Foam Swatch

So there they are - the Couture greens.  I apologize for not having more than one shot of each of these.  Both of my little boys are sick with bad colds right now, so Mommy time is in high demand.

Which one do you need for St. Patrick's Day?


*The polishes in this review, with the exception of Aloe Very, were provided by Couture Gel Nail Polish for my honest review.


  1. Awwe - hope your boys feel better soon. I hope YOU don't get sick once they get better! Love these greens!!

  2. This is the best post ever! It would be awesome if you'd do similar posts for Couture pinks, blues, purples, etc... The Couture website's swatches could be better & there's nothing worse then placing an order and getting two colors that could easily be interchangeable.

    1. I have some comparison posts planned in the near future. The only colors that I feel are close enough to be interchangeable are in the pink family. The blues, reds and purples are all very different :) I'll be happy to compare specific colors before if you would like to see them before I get to swatching and posting them.


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