Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LeChat Sugar Me Up Collection Swatches

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LeChat Sugar Me Up Collection Swatches

Hello Loves!  I have swatches of the LeChat Sugar Me Up collection to show you today.  My bestie won them in an Instagram contest and was kind enough to let me swatch them for you!  I'm sure there are at least two of these I need for my own collection.  :)  I was a little surprised that most of these are brighter than they appear on the LeChat facebook page.  I was expecting pastels, but I'm not disappointed at all. 

Before I get to the swatches, I couldn't resist a few nail art pieces with this one.  I'll show you one now and one at the end of the post.  I was going for something sweet.  I'm not sure I like it.  Rather than being sweet, it reminds me of the Circus.  But look - I managed to use tape!  I do love these adorable little bows from Born Pretty Store, though!
LeChat Sugar Me Up Collection Manicure

Ok, onto the swatches.  First up is Lollipop.  This is a slightly muted, slightly coral leaning orange cream.  Application was standard for LeChat - it went on smooth and streak free.  This is three coats, but it would have been fine with two.
LeChat Lollipop Swatch

Cotton Candy is a sweet, slightly muted pink cream.  Application was similar to Lollipop.  Again, this is three coats but two would have been fine.  I actually only used two for the base of the manicure I showed you before I started the swatches.
LeChat Cotton Candy Swatch

Lemon Drop is a very aptly named polish.  It is the exact color of a lemon drop candy.  This yellow cream applied nicely but not quite as well as the two before it.  This one did require three coats for it to be opaque.
LeChat Lemon Drop Swatch

This next swatch is Mint Jubilee.  This is a soft, bluish green mint cream.  It was a bear to photograph but is beautiful in person!  This is color accurate on my monitor, though I had to shoot a little darker and sacrifice skin tone to get it right.  Application was the same as with Lollipop or Cotton Candy and only two coats are truly needed.  I swatched three anyway for consistency. 
LeChat Mint Jubilee Swatch

Spearmint is a bright green that reminds me a lot of the color of Double Mint Gum.  This one has a subtle shimmer.  You can see it a bit on the middle and ring finger nails.  Sadly, I had to shoot this one a little dark to get it accurate as well.  The shimmer wanted to make it appear blown out under my lamps.  This is yet another two coater than I swatched as three anyway.
LeChat Spearmint Swatch

Finally, Rock Candy is a gorgeous blue with the same muted shimmer as Spearmint.  I had a very hard time getting this one color accurate.  This photo is still a bit off.  The tone is correct, but it is a little brighter in the photo than it looks in real life.  This one also applied beautifully and is opaque in two coats.  It did seem a little thicker than the other 5, but I don't consider that a negative at all.  It wasn't thick enough to give me issues.
LeChat Rock Candy Swatch

Finally, here's the other mani I put together using all 6 of the colors in the Sugar Me Up Collection.  I really like how this one turned out, but my husband says it looks like my Grandmother's shower curtain.  I swear that wasn't my inspiration, but it does look very similar.
Flowers with LeChat Sugar Me Up Collection

Which of these are your favorite?  I definitely need Lemon Drop and Mint Jubilee.  I'm a little torn on Lollipop since I don't wear orange very often, but it is a gorgeous orange!

LeChat has a new collection out now called Mermaid Treasures.  I'll have swatches of that one too as soon as I can get my hands on them!  Hopefully very soon.  :)


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  1. These are so gorgeous! And the first full mani you posted - definitely sweet, not circusy! I'm aching to copy it, so pretty. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Can you do a tutorial on how you do those flowers? I love them!

  4. They are gorgeous! And I love both nail arts. The bows are so cute and match the girly colors.

  5. I don't think your first nail art looks like a circus at all! I love it and the flowers! The swatches are gorgeous and yummy! I only say yummy because they look like candy, probably hence the name ;-)

  6. Your first nail art reminds me of a candy shop! :) I love the green on you, it looks amazing!!

  7. Such pretty colours! Love how you did the flowers. The first one reminded me a bit like pants a clown would wear, so fun and bright.


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