Monday, May 19, 2014

Peek-a-boo Lace with Messy Mansion MM44 and Couture Gel Polish

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Hello Loves!  I have another Messy Mansion plate to show you today - the Lace plate (MM44).  This plate caught my eye the first time Julia shared the design (before it was even produced), and I just knew I had to have it.  Julia offered to send it to me in my next blogger sample package, but I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it so I declined the offer and ordered it right away.  It came in the mail Saturday, and I am in love!
Lace Manicure, Messy Mansion MM44, Couture Gel Polish

So, what made this plate a must have in mind?  Lace.  Glorious lace of every shape and size.  Seriously, I have been looking for a plate exactly like this since I first discovered stamping.  The detail is amazing!
Messy Mansion Lace MM44
Even more amazing is that every tiny line transfers beautifully.  No joke, I used 5 of the images from this plate in this manicure and every single one of them transferred on the first try without a single skip.  That is almost unheard of with such fine detail and one of the reasons I am so head over heels with Messy Mansion plates!  The quality is just outstanding.  The images used are the top left, top center, center, center right, and bottom.

Back to the mani.  I started with a base of Couture Skinny Dip.  This is my perfect nude cream.  Hello mannequin hands.
Couture Gel Polish Skinny Dip Swatch

I then taped off sections of each nail with masking tape before stamping the images to prevent the black stamp from showing through the red.  The images are stamped in my go to black - Mundo de Unas.

I gave the stamps a little time to dry, then used a fine detail brush to fill in around them with two coats of Couture Fierce.  Fierce is your classic, pin-up red cream.
Couture Gel Polish Fierce Swatch

Finally, I finished the edges by outlining the stamped designs with a fine detail brush and Mundo de Unas Black.

I really like how this one turned out...for the most part.  I did send Julia at Messy Mansion a message on FB and suggested she include a disclaimer with the plate - something along the lines of "Warning, using this plate with black, nude and red may result in a manicure that crosses over into Dr. Frank N Furter territory from Rocky Horror Picture Show."  lol
Lace Manicure, Messy Mansion MM44, Couture Gel Polish

I think it's the thumb design that screams Frank N Furter to me.  It's not quite as Rocky Horror if I omit the thumb from the shot.  I still love it either way, but I wasn't really going for the Rocky Horror vibe.  lol  But seriously, look at the detail in that lace!  Simply amazing. 
Lace Manicure, Messy Mansion MM44, Couture Gel Polish

So, what do you think?  Rocky Horror or sexy peek-a-boo lace? 


*The Couture Polishes featured in this post were provided by Couture Gel Polish for my honest review.  All other products used, including the stamping plate, were purchased by me.


  1. When you stamp with gel, do you use a top coat and remove the tacky layer before stamping? I think the manicure looks great!

    1. Thank you :) How I stamp depends on whether or not I'm swatching the base color. If I am, I top coat, remove the tacky layer, photograoh it, then stamp. If I've swatched it previously, I remove the tacky layer from the final color coat and stamp directly on the color. Then top coat. I prefer stamping on the color since it soaks off faster that way, but it also gives less room for corrections since you don't want to remove the stamp many times without that top coat layer to protect the color.

  2. I love this manicure! This plate is on my wish list...and sadly she is Sold Out! I am so glad you shared this!!

  3. Love this mani! Definitely going to try stamping in certain sectioned areas!

  4. Lovely! Oy I also thought of the rocky horror picture show when I saw these lolol! It's still unbelievably gorgeous plus I happen to be a fan of RHPS so it's a double bonus!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Michelle. Fantastic nail art!

  6. That is one of the most amazing manicures I have EVER seen.

  7. For me it is very sexy and feminine, I absolutely love it!

  8. These are the most wonderful nails I have seen in a while! I absolutely LOVE them!

  9. So amazingly GORGEOUS! I wish I had been wise enough to buy this plate early because it's eternally OOS now! SO pretty!


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