Monday, June 23, 2014

Stripes and Dots with Neverland Lacquers Nail Stencils

Press Sample

Hello Loves.  I'm really excited about today's nail art!  As you know from previous posts, I can't use tape to save my life.  I have tried and failed so many times I swore off tape forever.  Well, today I have a "tape mani" to show you!  But I didn't use tape.  Nope, I used vinyl stencils from NeverLand Lacquers (formerly Pop Culture Cosmetics).

For this design, I started with a base of Daisy Duo Papaya Whip.  I applied the top coat, cured, and removed the tacky layer.  I then applied the simple stripe vinyls to block out the design and used a fine brush to fill in the blank spaces with Daisy Duo Melting Violet.  I cured again, then used a pair of tweezers to remove the vinyls (pull at a sharp angle to get a clean edge).  I added a few dots of Melting Violet after I removed the tape, cured the dots, then topped it all off with a a gel top coat.   As  I mentioned in last Wednesday's post, these two colors were simply made for each other!

This is my first time using nail vinyls, and I couldn't be happier with the results!  If you've ever tried to do a tape manicure with gel polish, you know that getting the tape to really stick to the nail is crucial to prevent seepage and get a crisp line.  I haven't managed to accomplish that with my many tape attempts in the past.  I didn't have that problem at all with these vinyl stencils!  These babies stick.

I love them so much I just couldn't stop!  I'm doing a wear test right now, but I couldn't resist spicing up my plain mani with an accent nail using these adorable french bow nail art stencils.  I love that this particular design can be used in two different ways - you can use the outer ring and fill in the bow with polish or apply the bow and paint over it.  So you get double the number of uses.

I took a few shots of the process when adding the bows to my ring fingers.  The steps are pretty simple.
1) Complete your manicure including gel top coat and remove the tacky layer
2) Use a pair of tweezers to position the stencil, then press it firmly to the nail.
3) Fill in the areas where you want the 2nd color.  I used a small detail brush, but you can use the polish brush if you prefer.
4) Cure the 2nd color with the stencil in place.  (Excuse the image for this step.  It doesn't match the others because I forgot to take the photo on my left hand.  The finger pictured in that square is my right ring finger.  I almost forgot again and started to remove the stencil before I caught myself.  lol)
5) Remove the stencil by gently peeling it off the nail.  Use a sharp angle to produce clean lines.
6) Apply your gel top coat to seal the image and cure as usual.  In this case, I added a small stud to the center of the bow before adding the top coat.  :)

If you're a tape mani failure like I am, I highly recommend these stencils from Neverland Lacquers!  I haven't tried other brands to compare yet, but these certainly beat the socks off of striping tape, scotch tape, painters tape and masking tape!  I can't wait to try more of the designs!

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  1. Wow!! Love this! I need to try some decals from this brand. Those bows are adorbs!


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