Friday, October 10, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness 2014

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Hello Loves.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so you know I had to break out my pink.  :)

Before we get to the mani details, let's talk about breasts for a moment.  Big or small, perky or droopy, male or female...we all have breasts (unless, of course, you've undergone a mastectomy...but lets not get distracted ok?).  And those breasts can develop cancer.  Some of us are a higher risk than others, but we all have one thing in common.  We have the ability to detect breast cancer early through self exams.  Please, please, please do your monthly self exams!  Early detection could save your life.  If you are unsure how to complete a self exam, you can view a step by step guide from here.

OK, I'll climb down from my soap box now and show you my Breast Cancer Awareness mani for 2014.  :)

Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure

For this year's breast cancer awareness mani, I started with a base of 3 coats of Couture Strut Your Stuff.  See that accent nail?  That's a two coat silver glitter.  Yes, opacity in two coats.  It's gorgeous...but I can't tell you what it is yet.  I can tell you that Andrea from Chickettes sent it to me to test and review.  I'm wear testing it now.  :)  I can also tell you that she'll break the news soon (real within the next week soon).  So be sure to keep an eye on Chickettes for all the glorious details. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure

I then stamped the thumb and middle nails with the heart image from Cici and Sisi 01 in Mundo de Unas Silver.  The ring finger is stamped with the awareness ribbon image from Bundle Monster BM-321 in Mundo de Unas Orchid.  Finally, I finished it off with a few light pink ss6 crystals on the index and pinkie nails.

That's all for today.  Remember, self exams once a month save lives!


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  1. Thank you for adding the link to self exams! So thoughtful of you. You are right, big or small, girl or boy, we all need to take care of our breasts!


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