Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Akzéntz Gel Play Gel Paints Review

Press Sample

Hello Loves!  I have a fun professional product to show you today - Gel Play Gel Paints from Akzéntz.  Akzéntz is a Canadian based company that supplies high quality gels to the professional market world wide.  The Gel Play line is made up of 8 highly pigmented colors for detailed art, 6 heavily pigmented glitters, 6 color shifting glitters, and two specialty gels for adding gems and mixing with loose glitter to create glitter gels.  I have two of the basic colors to show you today - black and white.
Akzéntz Gel Play Gel Paints review

Please excuse the weird reflections in today's photos.  I shot these with my filter on to give you a better view of the art, but it messes with the shine of the top coat.  Please also excuse the tip wear.  This mani took two days to complete thanks to my boys interrupting me every time I sat down to work on it.  The base color went without topcoat on this hand for over 24 hours.  Blogging with young children is an adventure. lol

The Gel Play Paints come in 0.25 oz pots and are super pigmented and very thick.  You have to stir them before use and a little bit goes a LONG way.  Seriously, every bit of art on my nails was done with less than one small drop of each color.  You can see where I wiped the excess from my brush on the sides of the pot.  The black gel paint almost looks like tar, but while the consistency is thick like acrylic paint, it is smooth like gel.  These paints are LED compatible and soak off.
Akzéntz Gel Play Gel Paints

I started with a few vines and leaves in black.  The coverage is awesome.  As you know, I usually work with acrylic paints for my fine details, but the Gel Play Gel Paints blow acrylic paint out of the water.  They don't dry or get sticky like acrylic paints, so you have way more time to work with them.  Plus they allow you to easily create thick or thin lines.  I could have easily gone much thinner with my black lines if my brush had allowed it.  (Next on my purchase list: super fine detail brushes).
Floral Manicure with Akzéntz Gel Play Gel Paints

The white flowers are painted directly over the black leaves in many spots. The coverage of the white over the black is simply mind blowing.  Seriously, look where the petals cross over the leaves in the image above (the middle and index nails are the best examples).  Acrylic paint doesn't cover like that in one layer!  Here's a closeup of my ring finger nail.  Again, ignore the strange reflections.  Look at the petal in the center closest to the cuticle.  It is placed directly over a completely formed black leaf.  I also love that the gel paints are so highly pigmented that you only need a thin layer for full coverage.  This means the finished nail is completely smooth.  In the past when I have done art with regular soak off gel polish, I needed several layers of top coat to get a smooth finish.  These are smooth with just one thin layer of top coat, which means soak off will be much quicker too!
Floral Manicure with Akzéntz Gel Play Gel Paints

Y'all, I can't even begin to tell you how much I am in love with these Gel Play paints.  While I may still use acrylic paints in the future, I will NEVER use them for black and white work again.  And once I get my hands on Gel Play Paints in other colors, I might retire the rest of my acrylic paints too when I'm working with gel.  These bad boys are my new best friend, so expect to see more of them.  If you're a professional nail tech, you need these in your arsenal.  Goodness knows I'll have them in mine!

Here's one more shot of my mani.  I simply adore this design.  Red, black and white together are a combination that I both love and hate.  I love the look, but I'm constantly bombarded with the red and black during football season (year round, really) thanks to living just outside of Athens, GA (aka home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldogs).  I'm not really a football fan, so I have to find creative ways to wear red and black that don't scream "Go Dawgs" as I enter the room.  This is definitely a winner in my book, even during game season.  :)
Floral Manicure with Akzéntz Gel Play Gel Paints

I love this mani so much I never want to take it off.  Sadly, living the blogging life means that no mani will last more than a few days before I have to move on to something else.  This one, however, will live on for two weeks on my right hand as I'm testing out the Akzéntz Luxio Soak Off Gel Line.  Check back in a few weeks to see swatches and my wear and removal results.  I have very high expectations.  The Luxio line has recently been voted the best professional soak off gel line in Russia. :)

Akzéntz products are only available through licensed distributors.  To find the distributor in your area, check out the Distributor Locator on the Akzéntz website.


*The Gel Play Gel Paints featured in this post were provided by Akzéntz for my honest review.


  1. Beautiful work and great review. I'd love to get these to try.

  2. Looking forward to the game this weekend with my orange and blue nails with tiger stripes and two accent AU decals. War Eagle!!!

  3. These look divine. Now if only I had free hand skills. ;)

  4. Beautiful work. I'm a nail tech and I'm definitely going to try this and thank you so much for posting.


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