Friday, November 21, 2014

Blue Roses on Black

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Hello Loves!  Last week I wrote a guest post on The Dalai Lama's Nails to celebrate Hannah's blogiversary.  I loved my recreation of her design so much that I pulled elements from it and did it again!  Except this time, I went with blue.  Imagine that.  lol
Blue Roses on Black with Revel Nail Gel Polish

Since I didn't share my recreation of Hannah's mani the other day that inspired this one, I'll share it now.  Be sure to check out my guest post here to see the details.
Roses and leopard print manicure

Clearly, the roses were my inspiration for today's mani.  To create my blue roses, I started with a base of Revel Nail Rebel (black).  I then added blobs of Revel Nail Honor (white) where I wanted the roses so that the blues would pop more.  Once the white was cured, I covered them with a thin coat of Revel Nail Spree (dark blue).  I cured again, then added thin lines of Revel Nail Honeymoon (medium blue) to form the petals.  Finally, I added more lines in Revel Nail Blowout (light blue) and cured those.  Here's another look.
Blue Roses on Black with Revel Nail Gel Polish

I don't think I've shown you Revel Nail Blowout before, so here's a proper swatch photo of that one.  The other colors mentioned above are linked to the posts with the swatches.  :)  Blow out is a very light baby blue cream.  Application is standard for Revel - smooth and levels well.  I did need three coats for full coverage, but I find that is the case with almost all light colors for me.
Revel Nail Gel Polish Blowout Swatch

Back to the Blue on Black mani.  The leaves are Revel Nail Matrix (dark green) with details of Revel Nail Envy (light green).  The accents dots are Revel Nail Honor.  Finally, I topped everything off with Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Pearl top coat.  I adore this top coat for so many reasons.  First, it's a no wipe which means no tacky layer to remove.  Second, the shine is incredible.  I'll expand more on that Wednesday when I do my Pink Gellac Top Coat Review.  Finally, the shimmer is super fine and doesn't obscure the art.  The closeup of my ring finger below shows the shimmer from the top coat.  It does not show the shine since I shot this in a filtered light box to highlight the art without glare from the lights.  Again, I'll go into that more on Wed.  :)
Blue Roses on Black with Revel Nail Gel Polish

Here's one last shot of the final mani.  I'm not completely in love with the middle finger nail, but I adore the blue on black combination.  :)
Blue Roses on Black with Revel Nail Gel Polish

The Revel Nail colors featured in today's nail art can be purchased from  The Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Pearl Top Coat can be purchased through Amazon or directly through the Chickette's Boutique.


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  1. Gorgeous as usual! Finally, a swatch of Blowout. :). Would you mind comparing this to Fingerpaints "Frolic & Floral" for me and letting me know how close it is? Fingerpaints only lasted about 5 days on me, so I have been wanting a dupe for it!

  2. I love the way the blue pops against the black.

  3. Beautiful !! I am so excited about getting the Revel nail polishes for Christmas.

  4. I really love this blue version! The addition of the bigger rose on your middle nail is gorgeous as well!

  5. I like the blue roses on black.i love it.In this way nails looks shiny.I am so excited to use it.Thanks for sharing it.


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