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Bundle Monster Triple: Jet Setter Matte Gel Polish, Shangri-La Stamping Plates and Mega Stamper Review (pic heavy)

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Bundle Monster Jet Setter Matte Gel Polish, Mega Stamper and Shangri-la Stamping Plates Review

Hello Loves!  I have three Bundle Monster products to show you today:  The new Jet Setter Matte Gel Polish Collection, the new Mega Stamper, and the new Shangri-La Square Stamping Plate Collection.  Fair warning...this post is seriously picture heavy!  I guess I could have split it into two posts, but it all just seemed to fit together so well.  lol

Let's start with the Jet Setter Matte Gel Polish Collection.  I have to say that Bundle Monster is seriously killing it with these unique gel polish collections.  Jet Setter consists of three creams with velvet or matte finishes.  Unlike most gel polishes, these do require a base coat but do not require a top coat.  Ready to see them?

Weekends in Greece is a classic bright blue cream with a velvet finish.  I found this collection to be a little on the thicker side, but they need to be applied very thin.  When I say thin, I mean thin.  I swatched three super thin coats.  I could have gotten full coverage with two regular coats, but I found that when I tried that I got some serious heat spikes.  So three thin coats are better.  (Speaking of heat spikes, I want to talk about that too but I'll circle back to it.)  I really like the velvet effect of this collection!
BMC Matte Gel Polish Weekends in Greece Swatch
BMC Matte Gel Polish Weekends in Greece Swatch

Nights in Ibiza is a medium bright pink cream with a velvet finish.  Like Weekends in Greece, three super thin coats are best for full coverage.  I don't have a full report on wear yet, but so far these have held up nicely for 6 days and counting.
BMC Matte Gel Polish Nights in Ibiza Swatch
BMC Matte Gel Polish Nights in Ibiza Swatch

Finally, Brunch in Paris is a pastel purple cream with a velvet finish.  Again, three thin coats are best for full coverage.
BMC Matte Gel Polish Brunch in Paris Swatch
BMC Matte Gel Polish Brunch in Paris Swatch

Ok, let's talk about heat spikes for a second.  Heat spikes occasionally happen with gel and gel polish application.  There are several reasons you might feel a heat spike - higher viscosity gels, thick application, and/or damaged nail plates can be factors.  But what is a heat spike really?  It's simple.  When gels come in contact with UV light, they undergo a chemical reaction.  Heat is a bi-product of that reaction.  In most cases, you don't actually feel the heat or if you do it is not uncomfortable.  However, sometimes the reaction occurs rapidly and too much heat is produced, resulting in that burning sensation.  With that said, when you feel a heat spike or if you are working with a product that is known to heat up, there is a simple fix.  First things first, as soon as you feel the spike, REMOVE YOUR HAND FROM THE LAMP!  I apologize for screaming, but seriously, take your hand out and make sure your nails are completely away from the light.  Wait a few seconds and place your hand back into the lamp.  The heat should be gone.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say that you have to wait it out.  You do not have to wait it out and you should never suffer through a heat spike!  Ok, so if you know you are using a product that is prone to spikes, here's a simple fix.  Place your hand in the lamp and pull it right back out.  Wait a few seconds and repeat.  After three or four in and outs, you should be good to go for a full cure without pain.  :)  If you are using a CFL UV lamp, you can also avoid heat spikes by allowing your nails to rest in front of the lamp within the glow of the light for about 15 seconds before placing your hand in the lamp.

Moving on...Bundle Monster recently came out with their Mega Stamper.  My contact sent me one to play with, and I'm pleasantly surprised.  This thing is HUGE!  I'm talking about 4.5 cm in diameter huge.  For comparison, a standard XL Squishy Stamper is 2.5 cm in diameter and the top surface of the Chelle Lee Stamper (same size as the Creative Stamper) is 3.5 cm.  Here's a comparison shot.  (Clockwise from the top:  Chelle Lee Stamper, Bundle Monster Mega Stamper, XL Squishy Stamper)
Bundle monster Mega Stamper Size Comparison

The Mega Stamper comes with two stamping heads.  The white one that is pictured in this post is a medium/firm squishy and slightly sticky.  The red stamping head (not pictured) is slightly firmer than the white and is also slightly sticky.  Here's a shot that shows the amount of squish in the white stamping head.  It is a little firmer than I am used to working with, but I really like it! 
Bundle Monster Mega Stamper

The Mega Stamper did need a little priming to get crisp images.  I primed mine by washing it with dish soap, then buffing it gently with a 240 grit file.  A quick swipe of alcohol cleaned it right up and it picks up great.  Just how great?  Well, I used it for all of the swatches of the Shangri-la Square Plate Collection below so you can see for yourself.  :)

Speaking of the Shangri-la Square Stamping Plates, let's talk about the set for a second.  The 10 plates in the collection each measure 2 inches by 2 inches and include buffet style images.  The designs range from fun geometrics to florals and swirls.  Details range from super fine to super chunky.  As with almost all of my Bundle Monster plates, they stamp beautifully!  Ready to take a look?

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S101

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S102

I didn't get a complete roll on the stamper with this one, but I was too lazy to redo it.  You can see from the other images that it is not the stamper's fault.  lol
Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S103

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S104

BM-S105 has the most delicate images of the collection.  The fine lines and dots are seriously intricate!  I was surprised at how well they transferred here.
Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S105

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S106

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S107

BM-S108 is the only plate that I felt didn't transfer as crisply as I like.  There are a few spots in the center of the image that just didn't come through completely.  I'll go back and play with it more and see if I can get them to pick up better by scraping in a different direction.
Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S108

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S109

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection BM-S110

Now that you've seen the plates and my test stamps, how about a few manicures that pair the Mega Stamper with the Shangri-la Plates and the Jet Setter Matte Gel Polishes?

For the first mani, I used Weekends in Greece as my base.  I then stamped with the left hand center of the image from BM-S109 in Maybelline Bold Gold.  I top coated the stamping with the BMC Matte Top Gel to preserve the velvet look.  The matte top coat isn't quite as matte as the Jet Setter Gel Polishes, but I think it's close enough.  ;)  Finally, I added a few gold studs to tie it all together.
BMC Weekends in Greece stamped with BM-S109
BMC Weekends in Greece stamped with BM-S109

For my next mani, I started with a base of Brunch in Paris.  I then stamped with Mundo de Unas White using the top left portion of the image from BM-S104.  I finished with the BMC Matte Gel Top Coat again.  This one is so simple, but I love how it turned out!  
BMC Brunch in Paris stamped with BM-S104
BMC Brunch in Paris stamped with BM-S104

My final mani uses that super delicate image from the center of BM-S105 on the middle and ring fingers.  Just look at that detail!  Even the little dots transferred!  The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas black.  The dots on the other nails are also with MdU Black.  I finished this one with the regular BMC Gel Top Coat.  I couldn't resist seeing how these velvet polishes perform with a shine.  ;)
BMC Nights in Ibiza stamped with BM-S105
BMC Nights in Ibiza stamped with BM-S105

So, are you on total overload yet?  Velvet gels, ginormous stampers and buffet style plates all in one post!  Whew! Do you love them?  Do you need them?  If so, you can find them at the links below.  :)


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  1. Great review! I'm yet to try bundle monster products but they look lovely.

  2. Great review! I'm yet to try bundle monster products but they look lovely.


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