Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Little Off Topic: Bootie Babe Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me

I sincerely believe that there is an immature teenage girl trapped inside us all.  I know I have one.  When I heard of Bootie Babe polishes in their little butt shaped bottles recently, I had to check it out.  I then spent a good 15 minutes reading the names and giggling.  If you haven't checked it out for yourself, go ahead and click the link above now.  Trust me, just do it.  You can come back and read the rest of this post and thank me later.

After doing a little research and learning that some of the colors will double as stamping polish, I had to order a few to test out.  I won't lie, I swatched them for the giggles I am getting just writing this post, despite the fact that I have completely forgotten how to apply RNP after using SOG for so long.

My RNP swatching adventure has taught me two things:  1) bloggers who swatch entire collections of RNP must be the most patient people in the world.  Nothing like waiting on wet nails to dry.  I can swatch 6 SOG colors in the amount of time it took to swatch just 2 of these.  2) I am way too impatient for the task.  I applied one of these colors three times before giving up and photographing them wet to avoid smudging them yet again.  So please excuse the dry skin.  I was afraid to oil!  But, I digress.

I ordered two polishes.  Honky Badonky and Pacific Rim (yes, I snickered when I typed that one).  When the package arrived a few days later, I found they included Whale of a Tail as a free gift.  While it isn't a color I would ever wear because it looks horrible on my skin tone, I swatched it anyway.

Let's start with Whale of a Tale.  This is a yellow with a jelly-ish cream finish.  I swatched three coats, and you can clearly see VNL.  I found the consistency to be extremely thin and watery.  Not a winner in my book.  But hey, it comes in a butt shaped bottle.  In a package clearly marked with the return sender "SuperBooty LLC".  I don't even want to know what my mail lady thought when she delivered it.  lol

The next one is a little better.  This is Pacfic Rim.  It's also extremely thin and watery, though I suspect this one is supposed to be sheer.  Again, this is three coats.  Pacific Rim has a bit of a purple/blue/green color shift, but it is very subtle.  It reminds of me of IBD Just Gel Jasper Casper.

Finally, here's Honky Badonky.  This is one of their "Holo" collection.  It is not holographic, but rather is a duo-chrome with a nice gold to maroon color shift.  It too is thin and watery and is slightly streaky after three coats.  I suspect it will layer beautifully over black, though.

So, all in all, the formula on these doesn't impress me.  However, they do have one redeeming quality (other than the awesome names and butt shaped bottle).  Pacific Rim and Honky Badonky stamp quite nicely over dark colors, which is surprising for such a thin consistency.  Whale of a Tale does technically stamp too, but it is too bright to show up well over white and does not show up at all over black.  Since I bought them for the stamping potential, I'm happy with my purchase and will likely order the rest of the "holo" collection at some point.  I'm a sucker for a duo-chrome stamped over black.

Again, for those bloggers out there who swatch RNP, you have my utmost respect!  I'm going back to my own little sand box now and leaving this one to you.  :)



  1. Glad you like them. they do take some getting used to. And swatching RNL is time comsuming, which is why only about 10% of mine are swatched.. even in sticks.. LOL

  2. Swatching gel is time consuming too due to having to soak off each time and it wreaks havoc on my skin, but I much prefer it to RNP. I can get my hand from desk to lamp without smudging it, but forget it if I have to wait for polish to air dry! I'm too much of a clutz. lol

  3. Wow, they do stamp well, surprising with the thin consistency. HB is gorgeous (and a great colour on you!).

  4. I love Honky Badonky, and fantastic that they stamp so well too.

  5. Too bad they are so watrery. I'm surprised how well the multichromes stamp. I had planned to try mine, but didn't expect them to work this well. Yes, the mail lady must have been wondering... Lol


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