Monday, November 11, 2013

More Couture Swatches

Purchased by Me

Hello lovely readers.  I'm slowly but surely working my way through the swatch pics I took this past weekend.  Funny how selecting, cropping and watermarking the best shots takes longer than actually swatching the polish. Today, I have 3 more Couture Gel Nail Polish colors to show you.

First up is one that really surprised me.  Guilded is a medium toned gold shimmer.  I usually don't wear gold as I find it washes me out, but this one is a great match for my skin tone.  It's gold, but with a touch of bronze.
Couture SOG Swatch
I apologize for the slight blur.  I check my photos for color before soaking off, but I didn't blow them up this time to make sure they were sharp.  I swatched 10 colors this past weekend and at least 3 are photo fails.  :(

Next is Royalty.  This is a gorgeous royal blue jelly.  I'm not a huge fan of jelly polishes as I can't stand VNL, but they do add amazing depth when layered over glitters, so I keep a few in my collection.
Couture SOG Swatch

Finally, one of my all time favorite pinks.  This is Oui Madame.  It its a classic light pink with a frosty finish.  And believe me, it is amazing paired with black.  :)

Couture SOG Swatch

I was hoping to have a few more pictures edited and ready to go for this post, but it has been a long day and I hear my pillow calling my name.  So three will have to hold you over until next time.  :)



  1. Oooo I looove that pink! I pretty much exclusively use Gelish, but I WANT a bubblegum pink and all their lighter pinks fade, which is SO annoying. Have you expirenced any color fading with Couture?

    1. Ann, I have been using Couture Gel Polish over a year and I own about 5 of their pinks and I have never had any issue at all with fading. I absolutely LOVE Couture and all their colors! :)

    2. Couture had a few colors in their line that faded, but unlike Gelish, they fixed the formula and replaced the faded bottles. I have a fair amount of Gelish in my collection, but Couture is quickly becoming my favorite brand. It applies well and soaks off so much faster, even when worn over Gelish foundation. Plus the Couture top coat puts Gelish Top It Off to shame in terms of shine. :)


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