Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stamping Challenge: Mani Using Three Purples

Purchased by Me

Hello Loves.  I decided to give the Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge a try this week.  I'm not in love with the result, but I guess I can't love them all.  :)

Working backward, I stamped this one with Mundo de Unas Lilac stamping polish and the reverse flower image from MoYou London Pro Collection XL 13.

For the base, I started with Ink Scarlet Empress.  Scarlet Empress is a slightly sheer, pastel purple frost.  When I wear it alone, I usually wear it over a white base to make it opaque.  This is 3 coats without the white base.  The second picture shows how the light bounces off of the frosty finish.
Glam and Glits Ink Scarlet Empress Swatch
 Glam and Glits Ink Scarlet Empress Swatch

I then dry marbled Scarlet Empress with Ink Secret Desire.  Secret Desire is a darker, shimmery purple.  Random note, but this is the first Ink I ever owned.  :)  As you can see in the second picture, when the light hits the shimmer it shifts to a slightly lighter shade of purple.
Glam and Glits Ink Secret Desire Swatch
 Glam and Glits Ink Secret Desire Swatch

Finally, here's a shot of the base before the stamp.  I absolutely love how this marble turned out! I almost couldn't bring myself to finish the challenge and stamp over it.

Check back later this week for a video tutorial on how I did the dry marbled base for this mani.  :)


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  1. I love this! That dry marble looks so awesome and the stamping is really pretty! :)


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