Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Simply Studded (A BPS Review)

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Born Pretty Store Crackle Stud Review

Hello Loves.  Today's mani is a simple one, but I absolutely love it.  I'm such a sucker for green and the green studs from the 3mm Crackle Leopard Mini Stud Wheel that Born Pretty Store sent me for review were the perfect accents.

I seriously adore these studs, which is crazy for me.  I'm not a huge fan of animal prints in general, but these don't really look like animal prints to me at all.  They remind me more of a marbled finish.  The black and gold and the black and white are the only two that could be animal print in my mind.  The wheel comes with 4 different colors in two different styles each - round and square.  I took a closeup of the 8 different studs.  They are 3mm studs, so they don't lay completely flat on my nails, but that's the curse of deep c-curves, I suppose.

The only down side to these studs is that they aren't reusable.  The finish is not acetone friendly, so they go from cute little speckled studs to plain silver studs during soak off.  Honestly, though, they're so affordable that it isn't a deterrent for me like it would be with some of my more expensive nail art pieces.

Back to the mani.  The base I chose for this mani is a new one-step gel called PurJoi that hasn't been released on the market yet, but is coming very soon.  The color is called Life.  Stay tuned for a full review of this line as soon as they officially launch.  The black for the accent nail is Couture Gel Polish in Little Black Dress.
Born Pretty Store Crackle Leopard Studs

Born Pretty Store has a large selection of stud wheels to choose from.  If these aren't quite your style, I'm sure at least one of their other wheels will tickle your fancy.  (Wow...I heard my grandmother in my head when I said that! lol)  Be sure to check out some of Born Pretty Store's other nail art items too!  Use code MANYX31 for 10% off and free shipping. 


*The studs featured in this post were provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest review.  This post uses Born Pretty Store and Amazon Affiliate links.  Purchases through these links generate commissions that help fund this site.


  1. LOVE the green and black together!

  2. I love the green!!! How is couture's black? I am searching for an opaque black gel that I can use for art. (So I won't have to go over it multiple times)

    1. Couture Little Black Dress is nice. Opaque in two, but you have to shake it really well. Kim at TenLittleCavases did a blsck comparison on her youtube channel not too long ago, and Couture was her 2nd best I think. LeChat beat it. I have links disabled in my comments, but I'm sure you could easily find it by searching youtube for tenlittlecanvases black :)

  3. I got these as well, I love em. I also don't like animal prints in general, but for some reason, I am crazy about these studs - maybe because it's just such a teeny tiny bit of animal print.


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