Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A First Attempt at Nail Foils - Foiled Dots

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Hello Loves!  I posted an open invitation for my fans to share their manicures on my facebook page last week.  I was surprised to see several foil creations were shared, and it inspired me to get my foils out and give them a try.  I've had these in my nail art collection for a while but after reading how difficult they can be to work with, I never had the urge to play with them.  But seeing so many beautiful creations changed my mind.
Manicure with nail foil and Couture gel polish

For this look, I did a complete gel manicure with Couture Gel Polish London's Fog.  London's Fog is a beautiful, shimmery grey gel.  It is opaque in two coats.  Please excuse the difference in skin tone and nail length in the swatch photo.  This is one I took this winter when my nails were shorter and my skin was quite pale (not that it isn't pale now, but it is less transparent in the summer).
Couture Gel Nail Polish London's Fog Swatch

After I removed the tacky layer from the top coat, I applied nail foil glue to the entire nail on the ring finger and added dots of foil glue to the other nails.  Once the glue dried, I pressed the transfer foil sheets onto the glue, then peeled them back off leaving the foil behind.  I then added a layer of Couture Gel Top Coat to seal the foil.  I have had this foil in my collection for so long now that I honestly don't remember where I got it.  It was a small square that is enough foil to cover maybe 5 nails if I covered them completely.  I tried to find them online but didn't see anything that looks like them.
Manicure with nail foil and Couture gel polish

I would love to be able to tell you that foil is the easiest thing ever to use, but it completely wasn't for me.  My nails have such deep c-curves that the foil creased on the nail.  I had to go over the ring finger twice to get full coverage.  And the dots...those were interesting too.  On the middle nail, the foil actually pulled the glue dots off of the nail in several places.  So I had to dot those a few times to finally get the design to transfer.  My final thought:  Foil is difficult and something I really need to practice to master!

Have you played around with nail foils?  Any tips or tricks to share?


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  1. Have not given foils a shot, but your mani is THE BOM.COM. good 1st try are a master at creating interesting manis always wanting to check into your site to get cool ideas.

  2. I appreciate you keeping it real Michelle. BTW- my fav place to source foils is the online Dollar Nail Art Store. Ebay, Born Pretty and AliExpress are also good, but Dollar Nail Art is still the best. I think they have a minimum order though (25ish I think). Also would love to see you stamp over that bad boy just for grins. Especially if it disguises imperfections.

  3. I am finally able to comment now that I am back at my computer.
    I love love love love this. I love the colour combination and the foil. I have never played with foil and I am not sure I have the courage to try. Love it!

  4. OMG, gorgeous! I'd never even heard of this technique, but can't wait to give it a try!!


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