Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ASP Gel Polish Sizzlin' Summer Collection

Hello Loves!  I was poking around in Sally Beauty Supply the other day and the new ASP Gel Polish Sizzlin' Summer Collection caught my eye.  I couldn't resist picking it up to show you!
ASP Gel Polish Sizzlin Summer Collection Swatches

ASP Gel Polish is a brand that I haven't featured very much.  I have worn it in the past and like the brand, but the colors in their basic line just haven't wowed me.  This collection, on the other hand, is more my style.  The Sizzlin' Summer Collection consists of four summer shades: a blue, a purple, a coral, and a pink.

First up is Coral Cove.  The name is a bit misleading on this one.  I would consider it more of a muddy pink than a coral.  While it's not quite visible in the photo below, Coral Cove has a very subtle shimmer.  It shows most on the pinkie nail.  It applied nicely and is opaque in 2-3 coats.  I wanted this one to be a little brighter to go with the others in the collection, but it is a nice shade.
ASP Gel Polish Coral Cove Swatch

Alluring Azure is an incredible blue that instantly made me think of a swimming pool.  It has amazing depth for a pure cream.  Application was flawlessly smooth on this one.  It is opaque in two coats - two of my thin coats, which means it may be opaque in one for others.  Of course, I swatched three anyway.  This photo doesn't begin to do this color justice!  I seriously didn't want to take it off to swatch the others.
ASP Gel Polish Alluring Azure Swatch

Tangerine Burst is a very close second to Alluring Azure for being my favorite in this collection.  This is the perfect reddish orange cream.  Like Alluring Azure, it is opaque in two thin coats for me, which means it may be a one coater for others.  I swatched three here for consistency as usual.
ASP Gel Polish Tangerine Burst Swatch

The final shade in the Sizzlin' Summer collection is Berry Delicious.  Berry Delicious is a bright, red toned purple with an almost jelly finish.  Sadly, this one fell short of the others in the collection.  Application was difficult and streaky.  Even after 3 coats, there is still significant VNL.  I really, really, really wanted this one to be a creamy gel like the other three.  The color is such a lovely shade.
ASP Gel Polish Berry Delicious Swatch

What do you think of this ASP collection?  I was very happy to see that ASP finally released colors outside of their basic line.  While Berry Delicious let me down, the other three make me a very happy girl!  I hope they continue to release new collections like this one in the future.  This line is quite affordable at $8.99 each for Sally Beauty Club members, and I love having it as another option for gel that I can purchase locally.



  1. These are all really pretty! Too bad the last one didn't work out for you because it's really pretty. I like the jelly finish it has.

  2. I bought Alluring Azure last week and have it on now, it is such an amazing shade of blue! I hope ASP continues to come out with additional colors as nice as these, I have a few of their existing line shades but most of their selection is meh. The product applies and wears nicely and removal is good.

  3. I think Google ate my previous post! Anyway, I wanted to confirm that Alluring Azure is AWESOME! I had to have it as soon as I saw it... It's somewhere between a teal and a blue, and is the most pigmented of all my 40+ gel polishes. You can indeed get by with one coat!
    I have several ASP polishes and rank them with Gelish as far as quality (mostly hits, some misses). And I've noticed no shrink back at all. I am so glad ASP is finally expanding their colors!


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