Friday, August 22, 2014

IBD Just Gel Sole Review: Solar Color Effects Gel Polish

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IBD Just Gel Sole Solar Changing Gel Polish Review

Hello Loves!  I finally got my hands on the IBD Just Gel Polish Solé Solar Changing Gel Polishes.  I've been looking for them for a while now.  Naturally, I couldn't resist playing with them as soon as they came in.  ;)

There are two Solé Gels - Blue and Purple.  Both start out as sheer, milky white gels that take on color when exposed to UV light.  Once back in the shade, they return to their original milky white colors.

Want to see them?  I thought you might.  The first is Solé Blue.  Indoors, this one is a sheer, milky white with a slightly blue tinge. Please ignore my stained nails.
IBD Just Gel Polish Sole Blue Swatch Indoors

Outdoors, it quickly changes to a darker blue.  I found that when exposed to UV via my LED lamp, the  color was much darker and completely opaque.  The full afternoon sun, however, didn't cause as much of a shift so the resulting color is a bit sheer.
IBD Just Gel Polish Sole Blue Swatch in Sunlight

Solé Purple is very similar in the indoor phase.  It has a slightly pink tinge.
IBD Just Gel Polish Sole Purple Swatch Indoors

In full sunlight, it takes on a purple tone.  I'm not sure why there are gaps in the color outdoors in this swatch.  It was streak free in my LED lamp.  I suspect the top coat may be thicker in those spots?  The purple does seem to shift a little quicker than the blue and also takes longer to shift back to white after returning indoors.
IBD Just Gel Polish Sole Purple Swatch in Sunlight

Ok, so application is a little tricky with these.  Since they are sheer indoors, it is difficult to tell if you have streak free coverage.  I also was a bit disappointed that they are not opaque in the sun like they were straight out of my lamp.  But...

While they aren't great as wear-alone colors, they are fabulous for fun, solar changing nail art!  They may also make really fun toppers, but I haven't tested that yet.  The shift from milky sheer to color is almost instant and the shift back is very quick too.  They would be perfect for office appropriate nail art that only appears when you leave the office.  ;)

I tried them out with a few dots and flowers over a base of IBD Just Gel Juliet (swatched here). You may notice that my mani appears a little lumpy.  That's because it is.  I kept confusing myself when I was adding the dots (was that dot supposed to this milky white that turns purple or milky white that turns blue?) so I removed them a few times during the process.  I finally realized that a second flash cure would change the color enough to tell what goes next.  lol  Anyway, they're lumpy because I removed the tacky layer from the final coat of Juliet before adding the dots, so they didn't level.  But enough of that.  Here's the indoor mani.  Aside from the lumps, the dots are 99% invisible.
IBD Just Gel Sole Solar Changing Gel Polish Nail Art Indoors

And here's the mani in full sun.  So freaking fun!
IBD Just Gel Sole Solar Changing Gel Polish Nail Art in Sunlight

Sadly, right after I took this picture, a storm blew up and turned the skies dark.  So I couldn't get a good video of them shifting in natural light.  I did get a low quality video yesterday that I shared on my Instagram page, so feel free to check it out there.  I also got the video below with my LED lamp that shows the instant change under the lamp and how quickly the dots and flowers disappear. 

What do you think?  Do you need these IBD Just Gel Solé solar changing gels in your collection?  I'm definitely going to have fun with these!


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  1. Too bad the "sunlight" colour isn't really opaque in sunlight! I am not a fan of sheers to be honest. However I do LOVE the magic appearing/disappearing nail art!!!

    1. Those are my thoughts exactly! I don't like sheers either, but the nail art is fun. :)

  2. I love the idea of invisible nail art! Its too bad that the color shift isn't very strong with natural sunlight. As always your pictures are stunning.

  3. That is really interesting! I love polishes that change with the sun or UV lighting. I find they change more than the thermal polishes. Looks great on you!

  4. I love sheer nude polishes for some reason. VNL on those doesn't bother me, so classic and pretty, a natural french!! I LOVE the nail art you did! Look like peekaboo dots!!!!

  5. Hah! What a great idea. I love the nail art, and I hope they keep developing this concept

  6. These polishes seem so neat! I don't own any polishes that change with the uv light, but I think I might need to invest in a few. I can only imagine how confusing doing that nail art must have been haha! Great work (:

  7. Oh these are so fun! I adore your nail art with them! is SO HARD to apply a polish that is sheer/clear indoors and then changes to a dark color outside. You really can't tell how evenly you are applying it and, for regular polish, you can't tell if you are getting it all over your cuticles and such (I know you have to be much more careful with gel polish, so I doubt you have that problem).


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