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Teadora Nourishing Body Polish Review

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Hello Loves.  I know this isn't my usual type of review, but I couldn't resist.  I get horrible dry skin this time of year, so I have to exfoliate regularly.  I've tried a lot of different exfoliating scrubs over the years, but I also have sensitive skin and find them to be irritating.  So when I was offered the chance to try the Nourishing Body Polish from Teadora, I simply had to say yes!  Teadora offers high quality, organic bath and body products made from sustainable ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest.  Teadora products are also 100% Vegan and cruelty free.

Winter is horrible for my skin.  Between the dry heat indoors, cold air outdoors, and long sleeve sweaters, my skin gets seriously ashy.  I put Teadora Nourishing Body Polish to the test for the past few weeks.  As usual, when I say I put something to the test, I REALLY put it to the test.  I started using the Body Polish every other day just over two weeks ago.  Sounds great, right?  Yeah, I like to take things a step further than that.  I stopped using my winter body lotion and have been using my thinner summer lotion instead.  I figure if this exfoliating scrub really works, the light summer lotion will be all I need since exfoliating should allow lotions to penetrate easily and work better.

Before I get into the full review, let me tell you a little about the Teadora Nourishing Body Polish.  Straight from the Teadora Press Release:  "Teadora’s Nourishing Body Polish is loaded with powerful, sustainably harvested natural and organic ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. The formula includes Teadora’s Icons of the Rainforest (Buriti, Pitanga, Cupuaçu, Andiroba and Açaí) and Rainforest Hydration Elixir (Babassu, Brazil Nut, Rose Hip Seed and Passion Fruit oils), plus a potent combo of Açaí Seeds for deep exfoliation and Amazonian Clay to help reduce blemishes for brighter, healthier, smoother skin."  Now, I'm not even going to pretend to know half of what of those things are.  The only ones I recognize are the Açaí, Brazil Nut, Rose Hip Seed and Passion Fruit Oils.  But I know those are great for the skin so I assume the others are too.  ;)  The body polish comes in two 100% natural fragrances - Rainforest at Dusk and Rainforest at Dawn.

I chose the "Rainforest at Dawn" fragrance.  I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it has a definite earthy scent.  My husband says it smells like perfumed dirt.  lol  He's not 100% wrong.  I can definitely smell the clay in it, but I also pick up woodsy notes that remind me of sandalwood (I apologize for not having a better description...I'm not drawn to woodsy or earthy fragrances so I don't even know how to describe them).  It is quite pleasant even though it isn't my personal taste in scents.

The formula itself is more important, I think.  Unlike many exfoliating scrubs, the grit in this one is very fine.  Definitely more of a polish than a scrub.  While it is a bit more expensive than your typical drugstore exfoliating scrubs, unlike sugar or salt scrubs, it doesn't melt or dissolve so a little bit goes a really long way.  The photo below is straight out of the bottle.  I spread it around just a tad so you can see the texture better.  By the way, this little amount is enough to exfoliate my entire upper body...and at 209 lbs I'm not a small gal.  (Yes, I just posted my actual weight for the world to see.  There's no shame here!)
Teadora Nourishing Body Polish

This is after rubbing it around a bit more.  As you can see, it's not quite sand texture but definitely gritty.
Teadora Nourishing Body Polish

So, does it work?  Yes, yes it does.  As I mentioned above, I have been using it every other day for just over two weeks.  It hadn't really gotten cold yet when I started, so I would call this my fall skin.  As you can see, it is a little bit ashy.  I apologize for the tattoo photo, but it is easier to show the difference in skin brightness over ink than just a photo of a random patch of skin.  You can see the dryness most over the black ink as it looks more grey than black.  This photo was taken an hour after my shower without body lotion.  (Wow...looking at this tattoo in macro mode makes me realize I really need to have it touched up!)
 Teadora Nourishing Body Polish Results - Before

And here's the same tattoo after using the Teadora Nourishing Body Polish every other day for two weeks.  Again, this is an hour after getting out of the shower without body lotion.  You can see that the black ink looks much bolder because it isn't covered by a layer of dull, dry skin.  My skin around the tattoo also looks brighter and has a nice glow.  :)
Teadora Nourishing Body Polish Results - After

I'm really impressed with this gentle yet effective exfoliating scrub.  Even though I'm not a huge fan of earthy scents, I'll continue using it because it works for me without irritating my skin!  I can't even begin to tell you how huge that is for me.  I actually need to pick up another bottle.  No doubt this is the product that will help me survive winter.  :)  I'm really curious to try some of the other Teadora products now too!

Speaking of picking up another bottle, if you would like to try it you can get your own bottle at or click on any of the links scattered throughout the text above to purchase through Amazon.


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  1. Interesting, sounds like it's a good exfoliant overall. I've been considering applying to review this product too. :)


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