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Akzéntz Luxio Gel Polish Review

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 Akzéntz Luxio Gel Polish Review

Hello Loves!  I have another Akzéntz product to show you today - Luxio Gel Polish.  Akzéntz is a Canadian based company that supplies high quality gels to the professional market world wide.  The Luxio line is made up of over 100 beautiful shades of LED/UV Soak Off Gel Polish. When I learned that Luxio recently won an award in Russia for 2014 Best Professional Manicure Product, I knew I had to try it.  I have five colors to show you today along with my usual wear test and removal.  Let's start with application and then move on to the swatches.  :)


I am beyond impressed with the Luxio line.  I don't even know how to describe how these gel polishes apply.  They glide easily over the nail without shrinking or pooling.  It really is the perfect consistency.  The only thing I can think to compare it to is that silky feeling when you slide under your sheets right after shaving your legs.  And the coverage!  The creams are nearly one coaters and the glitters can easily go as one, two or three depending on the look you want.  This is a line I am seriously considering for my own clients down the road.


The first color is one you've seen before as part of my Akzéntz Gel Play review.  Classy is a classic red cream.  This shade is simply flawless.
Luxio by Akzéntz Classy Swatch
Luxio by Akzéntz Classy Swatch

The next shade is a gorgeous dark burgundy shimmer called Seduction.  Seduction has that awesome, glows from within look that I just love.
Luxio by Akzéntz Seduction Swatch
Luxio by Akzéntz Seduction Swatch

If nude is more your thing, you'll want to see Whisper.  Whisper is a light cream or beige nude.  This one is also opaque in two coats and applies perfectly.  This is quite uncommon for me - I find most light colors need three to four coats and tend to be streaky, but not Whisper.
Luxio by Akzéntz Whisper Swatch
Luxio by Akzéntz Whisper Swatch

Rose-Gold is a lovely golden rose micro glitter with a rose shimmer in a clear base.  The shimmer and glitter combination gives it crazy dimension with a metallic look.  Application was nice - there is more than enough glitter in the bottle to get full application without having to fish or fight with it.
Luxio by Akzéntz Rose-Gold Swatch
Luxio by Akzéntz Rose-Gold Swatch

I couldn't resist pairing Rose-Gold and Whisper in a glitter fade.  They were just made for each other!  I love this nude look with a little bit of sparkle for fall.
Glitter Fade with Luxio Whisper and Rose-Gold

Finally, Silver is a silver micro glitter in a clear base.  Like Rose-Gold, application is nice with a good amount of glitter in the bottle.  I swatched two coats here, but it could easily be used as a topper with one coat or completely opaque in three to four.
Luxio by Akzéntz Silver Swatch
Luxio by Akzéntz Silver Swatch

Top Coats

In addition to the five colors, I also received the base gel and three top coats - Matte, a traditional top coat called Gloss, and a high shine no-wipe top coat called Shine-On.  I used Shine-On for all of the swatches above.  As you can see, Shine-On has an impressive shine, which is rare for a no-wipe.  It also stays glossy even with extended wear.  I swatched all three top coats side by side so you can see how they compare.  Both Gloss and Shine-On have impressive shine, but I think Shine-On might be a little shinier than Gloss.  As for Matte, it might be the best matte gel polish top coat I have seen to date.  It gives a true matte finish instead of the more satin look we have been seeing from other brands.
Luxio Top Coats - Matte, Gloss and Shine-On

Wear Results

I've already talked about application, so let's move onto wear.  Before I get into the details, I should point out that I started this wear test the week before I started classes.  So this manicure started receiving major abuse and assault from files and buffers on day 8 of the wear test.  How did I wear?  The results are incredible.  You can see where I hit my nails with files and dulled the shine, but the tips are still fully covered except for one spot where I filed my length on accident.  *sigh*  One of these days I'll learn to file the nails of others without filing my own at the same time.  But I digress.  Wanna see the photographic evidence of 16 days of wear?
Luxio Two Week Wear Test Results
Hey look, you've seen this mani before.  ;)  I should note that I removed the tacky layer before adding the design with Gel Play directly onto the last color coat.  I then finished with Shine-On.  I think it's safe to say that Luxio passes the wear test with flying colors.


Since it wears like iron, I'm sure you're wondering about removal.  My soak off took 15-20 minutes.  As usual, I buffed to remove the shine from the top coat, then saturated a few foil wraps with Akzéntz Soak Off remover.  After 10 minutes, the gel had released on several of the nails but not on others.  I think I may have buffed some of the nails a bit deeper than the others, thus the difference in soak off.  I soaked for another 7 minutes and the rest of the gel pushed off without issue.
Luxio Removal Results
(Note:  The staining is NOT from Luxio Classic.  It is left over from my Kiara Sky wear test)

Final Thoughts

Akzéntz Luxio Gel Polish passes my tests and impressed the socks off of me.  This is definitely a top quality gel polish that I would expect to see in high end salons.  I have yet to test anything quite like it.  The way the brush glides over the nail just screams luxury.  If you're searching for an ultra high quality product, this is it.

Akzéntz products are only available through licensed distributors.  To find the distributor in your area, check out the Distributor Locator on the Akzéntz website.


*The Luxio Gel Polishes featured in this post were provided by Akzéntz for my honest review.


  1. Where are the prices? I couldn't find any on the site.

  2. Yay! So excited to see that matte top coat. Hopefully I can find a place to get my unlicensed hands on it. :)

  3. Looks nice, but where to purchase it in the USA? Those dealers' web sites aren't user friendly and what I've found was our of stock.

    1. Www.gelessentialz.Com password is gelz :)

  4. I'm really excited to try out Akzentz. But unfortunately I don't have my license. Are there any websites where you could still be able to purchase this product.


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