Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Messy Mansion Review: Paisley, Flowers and...Dinosaurs! Oh My!

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Messy Mansion MM46, MM47 and MM48 Review

Hello Loves!  I have three new stamping plates from Messy Mansion to show you today.  These are three of the newer plates, and they are fabulous!  They arrived with the kitty plate that I showed in a nail school update not to long ago.  Messy Mansion plates are some of my favorites for many reasons:  the images are large enough for longer nails (not that mine are long right now), they are etched beautifully, and the designs are amazing!  Ready to see some plates?

The first plate I have to show you is my personal favorite of the three - MM48 aka the Paisley Plate.
Messy Mansion MM48 - the Paisley Plate

The designs on this plate are amazingly intricate, but not the same old blah paisley you can find from several other brands.  They are very unique.  Needless to say, I couldn't resist a little gradient stamping using two of the images from this plate.  And yes, I went with blue, pink and purple.  Cause, well, paisley screams girly to me.  :)
Mani with Messy Mansion MM48 - the Paisley Plate

I also couldn't resist snapping a picture of the plate while I was working.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful mess? 
Beautiful Stamping Mess on Messy Mansion MM48

Here's another shot of my paisley mani.  The images picked up beautifully.  I wish I had thought to grab a shot of them on the stamper, but I was in my own happy little universe, just stamping away.  I especially love the image on the ring finger!  The image slid a little on a few nails, but that's my fault.  I used Mundo de Unas stamping polishes, and I find that those need to sit on the stamper a second or two longer to avoid smudging.
Mani with Messy Mansion MM48 - the Paisley Plate

The next plate I have to show you is MM46 aka the Flowers Plate.  This one has some very unique floral images.
Messy Mansion MM46 - the Flowers Plate

I decided to use the girl image in the upper left and the flowers in the center right for my mani.  I adore how it turned out with the bronze over the soft base, but it didn't photograph as well as I would have liked.  Seems I used this stamping polish in another plate review and had the same issue.  Of course, I forgot about that until I was trying to get pictures of this one.  Doh!
Mani with Messy Mansion MM46 - the Flowers Plate

Here's a better shot that shows the finer details of the flowers.  The fine lines picked up with ease.
Mani with Messy Mansion MM46 - the Flowers Plate

Since the light insisted on bouncing off of the girl, I took a close up shot of her.  My placement is a little off, but the detail in her face is perfect!  I added the flowers from the bottom left image to the side of the nail to balance it out.
Closeup of image from Messy Mansion MM46 - the Flowers Plate

Last but not least, I have the plate that made me the coolest Mom ever for a day!  MM47 aka the Dinosaur Plate.  This plate is loaded with dinosaur bones and outlines.  My oldest absolutely adores it (keeping in mind that he's 4 years old), and I think it's a pretty cool plate too.
Messy Mansion MM47 - the Dinosaur Plate

I chose the fern image in the bottom left, the footprint in the top right, and the T-Rex skeleton for my mani.
Mani with Messy Mansion MM47 - the Dinosaur Plate

The T-Rex is a little large for my current shorties, but I think he looks adorable peeking over the side of my nail.  Many of the fossil images would split nicely over two nails.  Here's a shot that has him right-side-up.  Yep, I'm racking up the mom points with this one.  :)
Mani with Messy Mansion MM47 - the Dinosaur Plate

Which of these three plates is your favorite?  You can pick up your own at MessyMansion.com.au or via Amazon (direct Amazon links are above in each plate description).


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  1. The first one is my absolute favorite one, but all are very special, exactly like your manicures!

  2. Got my first MM plates a few weeks ago! Dragons/Mermaids, Gatsby, and kights! haha

  3. Way to go Michelle Thanks for this! from Vivienne of Messy Mansion http://messymansion.com.au/


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