Monday, July 20, 2015

New Akzentz Gel Play Colors

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New Akzentz Gel Play Colors for 2015

Hello Loves!  I have four new Gel Play colors from Akzentz to show you today.  In case you missed my original Gel Play review, Gel Play paints are super pigmented, soak off gel paints that are UV/LED compatible and perfect for art.

I love being on the Akzentz blogger list.  I never know when something new will just show up on my door step.  lol  I have to admit, when this package arrived, I squealed.  Then I cussed.  Teal.  My Nemesis.  Try as I might...even with a super awesome camera upgrade...I can't get teals to photograph true to save my life.  Can I just start refusing to swatch them?  Nah...I love my teals too much.  So, let's start with Gel Play Teal.  This is a true teal.  The perfect ratio of blue and green mixed together for the most beautiful shade I can imagine.  Sadly, my photo doesn't capture it.  Not even close.  It leans way too blue and lacks the vibrancy I see in person.  But I'll show it to you anyway.  Like the other Gel Play Paints I have shown you, Teal is a super opaque, one coater.  Amazing for art.
Akzentz Gel Play Teal

The next color I want to show you is Gel Play Nude.  While she looks a little pink in the jar, I found that she settled in with my skin tone to make a putty-ish nude color. 
Akzentz Gel Play Nude

As you can see, it doesn't look near as pink on my nails.  Oh, and that's Teal and Glistening Gold for the flowers.  Yep, that Teal defeated me big time, but you can see the awesome coverage in this shot.
Akzentz Gel Play Nude with Floral Accents

So, ready to get excited?  Akzentz created two colors that are simply amazing...and what we all have been looking for.  Glistening Gold is a glittery gold that is opaque enough for fine details without  needing extra coats!
Akzentz Gel Play Glitstening Gold

And Cosmic Silver is her silver counterpart.  This one thrills me the most.  Perfect, shimmery silver coverage! 
Akzentz Gel Play Cosmic Silver

Ok, fine.  I'll prove it.  This is Cosmic Silver over a black base with Teal (dang that teal) accents.
Akzentz Gel Play Cosmic Silver with Teal Accents over Black

Akzentz Gel Play Cosmic Silver with Teal Accents over Black

You know I couldn't stop there, right?  I just had to see this mani in matte.  So I broke out my Akzentz Matte On and gave it a go.  I think I like it better matte than glossy.  :)
Akzentz Gel Play Cosmic Silver with Teal Accents over Black Matted

Trust me, if gold and silver gel paints are on your lemming list, you NEED Glistening Gold and Cosmic Silver Gel Play Paints from Akzentz.  Be sure to check the Akzentz website to find your distributor!


*The Gel Play products featured in this post were provided by Akzentz for my honest review.  All links within this post are courtesy links and do not benefit


  1. everytime I try to read this, the content disappears? I can see it for a second

  2. These are real nice. I love the last design!


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