Monday, March 24, 2014

A Comparison: Couture Gel Polish Pink Creams

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Hello Loves.  As you may know, I'm currently working my way through swatching Couture Gel Polish's entire collection.  I still have a ways to go, but I did manage to swatch them all on swatch sticks this weekend.  Couture has a lot of different pinks to offer, so I thought I would show you a quick comparison of the pure cream pinks.

First, a little house keeping.  I have traditionally posted on a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday schedule.  In an attempt spend a little less time working on blog stuff on the weekends and more time with my family, I am going to change my schedule to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  :)

For today's comparison, I have lined up and photographed Chic, Wardrobe Change, Strut Your Stuff, Come On Barbie!, Fashionista, Sweet Cheeks and Off the Shoulder.  These all appear a little brighter on the hand than they do on the clear swatch stick with the black background, but I think this shows the difference between them a little better than the dots on Couture's page.
Couture Gel Polish Pink Cream Comparison Swatches, Chic, Wardrobe Change,Strutt Your Stuff, Come on Barbie, Fashionista, Sweet Cheeks, Off the Shoulder

Since these fall into what I would call light pinks, bright pinks and muted pinks, I broke them down into separate shots.  First, the lighter pinks.
Couture Gel Polish Pink Cream Comparison Swatches, Sweet Cheeks, Off the Shoulder

Now the brighter pinks.  All three of these appear much brighter on the hand than they do in this picture.  There's a shot of Come On Barbie on my nails in the swatch gallery.
Couture Gel Polish Pink Cream Comparison Swatches, Strutt Your Stuff, Come on Barbie, Fashionista

And finally, the muted pink creams.  These are very close in color, with Sweet Cheeks being just slightly more muted than Off the Shoulder.  There are swatches of both of these colors on my nails in the swatch gallery as well.
Couture Gel Polish Pink Cream Comparison Swatches

So, there they are - the Couture Gel Polish pink creams.  I didn't include Francais or the darker pink creams in this in this comparison - mostly because I consider Francais more of a white and the darker in my mind are a category of their own.

Are there any other Couture color families and/or finishes you would like to see compared side by side this way?  I definitely plan to show the pink shimmers as some of those are very close to each other.


*With the exception of Sweet Cheeks and Off the Shoulder, the polishes shown above were provided by Couture Gel Nail Polish for my honest review.  Sweet Cheeks and Off the Shoulder were obtained as part of Couture's referral program and a contest prize respectively.


  1. This is such a wonderful post! What beautiful colors! So smart with the black background. And the swatch sticks side by it. (Plus, hopefully this type of post gives you more family time!)

    I hope you eventually do this for all of the different color categories within Couture, even if the colors cover a wide spectrum. I didn't even realize that they offer darker pinks - they've got to get better swatches on their site...hint hint Couture. I loved the comparison of their greens you did too! I usually never ever make online purchases of products I haven't actually seen in person but your blog has turned me onto Couture and I'm hooked. If you're not already on their payroll you should be ;) Thanks for such great reviews!

    1. Thank you :) I think I will try to show the full collection this way as well as the hand swatches :)

  2. Love, love, LOVE this!!! I've just recently discovered Couture Gel Polish and your blog has been so helpful. I hope to see you do all of their colors.....the "swatches" on their website are terrible. Seeing them on the swatch sticks or real nails is so much more helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

  3. Cyndi, I'm so happy to see that my swatches are helping others! Couture is in the process of redoing their web page to show the colors better, but I'm happy to be a resource while that project is under way. I do love my Couture gels! If there are any you would like to see before I get to them here, please feel free to shoot me an email. I'm always happy to send out quick pictures of my swatch sticks to help others. :)


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