Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Summer Shades from Daisy DUO

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Daisy Duo Swatches and Review

Hello Loves!  I have three fun Daisy DUO creams from Esther’s Nail Center to show you today.  I’m not sure exactly why, but seeing these three together makes me feel very happy.  I think I’m desperate for summer!

I usually try to post colors in order of my least favorite to most favorite, but I really can’t choose with these.  I love them all so much!  So here they are in no special order.  Be sure to check out my Daisy Duo wear and removal test if you missed it a few weeks ago.

Gulf Stream is a beautiful, slightly muted blue cream.  Application was fine, but I should note that this one needed a really good shake to help blend the pigments.  Otherwise I could see little specks of darker pigment, which seems to be common with blue creams.
Daisy Duo Gulf Stream Swatch, gel polish, soak off gel

Bright Maroon is a medium berry pink.  I’m not seeing much maroon, but I do love the color.  It is almost a classic hot pink, but a little more to the red side.  Application on this one was flawless.  It went on smooth as silk.
Daisy Duo Bright Maroon Swatch, gel polish, soak off gel

Purple Pride is a bright, pink leaning purple.  I have a lot of purples across many different brands, and this one is unique to the rest of my collection.  I can’t really put it into words, so I’ll let the picture do the talking.  Application was great on this one as well.
Daisy Duo Purple Pride Swatch, gel polish, soak off gel

I really love these three colors and think they would look incredible together in a mani.  My mind originally screamed “Color Block!”  Then I remembered I have horrible luck with tape manicures.  I might give it a shot anyway this weekend.  :)

I also used the Daisy DUO Top Gel in these swatches.  Since its hard to photograph just a top coat, I don’t have a swatch to show.
Daisy Duo Top Gel Review
However, I can share my thoughts.  The top gel is quite thick, which makes it a great top coat for use over crystals, glitter, or art pieces that need a little smoothing.  Due to the thickness, it does take a few seconds to fully level, but major points for no pooling!  As for shine, it doesn’t blow me away (not many do), but it is comparable to most gel top coats.  I can’t tell a difference in the shine between the Daisy and my Gelish Top It Off, for example.  I should also note that it the tacky layer left behind feels a little thicker than the other top coats I have tried.  I can usually remove the tacky layer on 5 fingers with one lint free wipe, but I found I had to use two with this top coat.

Finally, the “Duo” in “Daisy DUO” refers to the matching nail polish (RNP) that comes with the gel.  I remembered to take comparison pictures this time.  Do they match?  They’re very close.  The gel colors are slightly lighter to the naked eye, but not enough that anyone would notice.  My camera certainly didn't pick up the difference. :)
Daisy Duo swatch

Which of these gorgeous Daisy colors is your favorite?  I'm leaning toward Bright Maroon today, but ask me again tomorrow and I will likely have a different answer.  They are all such fun shades!


*The polishes featured in this post were provided by Esther's Nail Center for my honest review.


  1. Great write-up Michelle! I'm wearing a blue that looks just like that right now. I love all three colors!

  2. Great post, as always! I got a few Daisy Duo's a couple months ago and they have such an amazing selection of colors! Purple Pride is my fave of these three...I have on Couture's Glam Squad and it looks just like it!

    This might be kind of silly, but you mentioned leveling - are all gel polishes self-leveling? I have a few polishes that look like they need to level out so should I wait before curing? If so, how long? Is there a standard time that if I wait and nothing's happened then likely nothing will happen as far as leveling?

    1. Most gel polishes will level some. The thicker ones tend to be hit or miss, but usually one nail will level in the anount of time it takes to paint three more. I wait 30 seconds to a minute after painting the last nail before curing for thicker polishes.

  3. *amount. Sorry for the typo. Commenting from my phone is always difficult :/

  4. Hi Michelle, I agree with you. I love all the colors look on you. Especially love the bright maroon. It's a pretty color. I hope to get your permission to use your photos on Thank you for a great post.


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