Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Gelaze by China Glaze Swatches

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Hello Loves!  As promised, I have more Gelaze by China Glaze swatches to show you today from my Sally Beauty haul.  As a reminder, Gelaze is BOGO at Sally Beauty Supply for the entire month of March, so if you’re thinking about trying it now is the time!

First up, Gelaze Awakening.  This beauty is everything I wanted IBD Just Gel Road to Paris to be but wasn’t.  It is a bit on the sheer side but has a gorgeous rose base with a golden shimmer.  Soft and subtle but shifty too.  You can see the shift in the difference between my index nail and pinkie nail.
China Glaze Gelaze Gel Polish Awakening Swatch

Lubu Heels is an awesome black jelly base with red shimmer.  I love it!  It’s dark and vampy but with a flirty pop.  This one was a tad difficult to apply.  It wanted to shrink no matter what I did, so I ended up having to flash cure the first layer.  (Note: All of the Gelaze polishes will shrink if the gel is warm.  It likes to be cool – even cold.  If you have problems with shrinking or pooling, pop the bottle in the freezer for 3-5 minutes and you’ll notice a world of difference in the application.)
China Glaze Gelaze Gel Polish Lubu Heels Swatch

Long Kiss is a classic shimmery dark red.  It looks almost metallic in certain light.  I think most gel polish lines have a red in a similar shade and finish.  I know I have several from different brands, yet I still ended up bringing this one home.  I think it’s safe to say I really like this color!
China Glaze Gelaze Gel Polish Long Kiss Swatch

Re-Fresh Mint is a soft, pastel green cream.  It is very much a mint shade and reminds me of the mint chocolate chip ice cream I loved as a child.  Sadly it is not the best color for my skin tone, but that’s never stopped me from wearing a color before.
China Glaze Gelaze Gel Polish Re-Fresh Mint Swatch

Finally, you know I couldn’t resist picking up Fairy Dust.  This scattered holographic topper is very similar to Gelish Vegas Nights, but it seems a little more sparkly to me and I believe the particles may be a tad smaller as well.  It’s a gorgeous topper!  As usual, I have swatched it here as three coats over a nude nail to show that the base is clear.
China Glaze Gelaze Gel Polish Fairy Dust Swatch

I then layered it as one coat of Re-Fresh Mint.  Note that Re-Fresh Mint looks a bit darker in this picture than it actually is.  I killed one of my lights and soft focused the picture a tad to capture the sparkle.
Gelaze by China Glaze Fairy Dust over Re-Freshment

I have one more Gelaze in my current stash, but no pictures of it yet.  Flip Flop Fantasy has become my new nemesis.  Such a gorgeous, neon orange leaning coral, but my camera is not cooperating in capturing it!  Cameras really don't like to capture neons shades.  A quick Google image search shows me that I am not alone, but I’m not ready to give up yet.  I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. ;)


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  1. Thanks for all your great swatches of the Gelaze line! If only I was in the US so I could take advantage of the BOGO! Do you know if CG has any other resellers planned for these? Since they were in touch with you I figured you might know :)

    1. I'm not sure if they plan to release the mini size to other stores, but the full size will be avaliable through distributors :)

  2. I just applied Re-Fresh Mint last the color but the application, not so much :( , lots of pooling and shrink back. Thanks for the tip about cooling the polish, hopefully that will help next time.

  3. I love Lubu Heels! It's gorgeous!

  4. I just bought 4 more of these, and Lubu heels is the first one I'll be applying tonight. I'm definitely going to pop it in the freezer first. i had a horrible time with For Audrey shrinking. Thanks for beautiful swatches.

  5. How do you get the colors to come out so opaque? I've had to use 5+ coats of Refresh Mint and Celtic Sun but the colors are still so watery that I can see right through the polish. I've tried using OPI Gel base coat and/or putting the bottles in the freezer for a few minutes but nothing has helped.

    1. Have you tried shaking the life out of them? The pigments in gel polish will easily separate and sink to the bottom of the bottle. Vigorous shaking is necessary to get them back to opacity.

  6. Gelaze Awakening was the first and last color I bought from this line. If the pooling and shrinkage weren't bad enough, the color doesn't last a whole week. If it doesn't peel off the pink fades badly. I've never returned nail polish before but this stuff is the worst.

    1. Cherie, first try warming your new bottle and shaking well to mix all the pigments. It's very important that your nail not be to smooth also. When applying on a natural nail gently chalk it up with a white buffer block, dust off nail then spray with 99% alcohol. Be sure you are applying thin coats. Fading is due to your top coat. I never use anything but the Gelaze topcoat, I found OPI and CND both make Gelaze fade. Good luck!


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