Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Delicate Floral Manicure with Gelaze Frostbite and White on White

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Hello Loves.  I have a delicate little freehand mani to show you today using Gelaze Frostbite and White on White.  I am so in love with both the gels and the design on this one!
Floral Manicure, Gelaze Frostbite, Gelaze White on White, Gel Polish

I have been looking for a small detail brush for a while now, and I just happened to be in Hobby Lobby the other day when it hit me.  Model cars have small details!  Sure enough, I found a pack of detail brushes with the model car paint that are perfect.  Score!  Naturally, I had to try them out.  This mani is the result.

For this mani, I started with a base of Gelaze Frostbite.  I have been searching for a blue like this for years.  I love the frosty shimmer and incredible royal blue depth.  I can also say that this one didn't give me any application issues at all after a good shake in my Robart shaker.  I didn't even have to pop it in the freezer.
Gelaze Frostbite Swatch, Gelaze Gel Polish, Gel Polish, Soak Off Gel, Blue Gel Polish

I then freehand the petal outlines with Gelaze White on White.  I am very impressed with this white.  I gave this one a good shake too and had to flash cure the first layer to deal with a little shrinking at the free edge, but I love that it isn't chalky like a lot of white gels.  It applies smooth as silk.
Gelaze White on White Swatch, Gel Polish, Soak Off Gel, White Gel Polish

Here's another shot of the final mani.  White on White is opaque enough to do nail art with one coat, so that's another bonus!
Floral Manicure, Gelaze Frostbite, Gelaze White on White, Gel Polish

Do you have a favorite white for nail art?  This one is now tied with my go-to white, Couture Ooh La La French.   


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  1. I don't see a lot of art like this using gel polishes! well done!

  2. I agree! It's nice to see a little freehand in a medium dominated by decals, stamping, etc. Not that those aren't also beautiful, but . . . :)

  3. Thank you, ladies :) I try to mix it up here and there.

  4. Very pretty!

    Michelle, do you recommend this white as a staple for white? Or is there a white you would recommend? I've tried three whites right now and I'm still at three coats and sometimes not thrilled with it.

    1. I always use three coats since my layers are thinner than most, but I am very happy with this white. Couture Ooh La La French has been my staple for a while now, but Gelaze White on White is a very close contender.


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