Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pastel Dots for Spring with LeChat Perfect Match

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Hello Loves!  It officially feels like spring in GA.  The air is warm, the flowers are blooming, and the world has a nice, yellow powder film on every surface.   Welcome to pollen season in the South.  With Easter right around the corner, I couldn’t resist breaking out a few of my pastel Lechats and my dotting tools.
pastel dot manicure with LeChat gel polish

I know I have been on a dot kick lately, but I just can’t help myself.  I do love doticures.  They’re so simple yet look so fun when completed.  For this doticure, I used four LeChat Perfect Match colors:  Happily Ever After, Butterflies, Angel from Above, and Pink Lady.

The colors freaked out my camera just a little when they are all in the same picture, so please note that they aren’t quite right in these shots of the complete manicure.  The photo above was taken in direct sunlight with my iphone and is strangely closer to accurate.  The photo below was taken in my light box with my Canon.  My husband was playing around with my camera the other day and I suspect he changed a few settings that I failed to notice when I took these photos.  I apologize for the weirdness.  Same goes for the crazy skin tone in the swatch pictures, but the colors are right on my screen in those.
pastel dot manicure with LeChat gel polish

Now for the pure swatches.  Happily Ever After is my perfect pastel yellow cream.  I was asking around in a few facebook groups for yellow recommendations when a friend saw my question and knew this would be the right one for me.  Thank you, Lynda!  You were right!
LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish Swatch Happily Ever After

Butterflies has been on my wish list forever it seems.  I’m not sure why I never ordered it myself, but Kerri saw it on my list and sent it to me completely out of the blue (or purple, as the case may be).  Butterflies is an incredibly pretty, red leaning purple cream.  Thanks Kerri!
LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish Swatch Butterflies

This next color holds a very special place in my heart.  Angel From Above is a lavender leaning blue cream, and one of the few bottles of polish I have completely used up.  I almost didn’t have enough left to swatch!  I wore this color almost non-stop while I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I was high risk and never knew when it would be “time” so I kept my nails blue for over a month.  He turned 1 year old yesterday.  :)
LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish Swatch Angel from Above

Finally, Pink Lady is a peachy pink cream that I picked up on a recommendation by Kim at Ten Little Canvases.  Kim has never steered me wrong when it comes to colors!
LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish Swatch Pink Lady

Finally, one last freaked out picture of the complete mani.  Again, I apologize for the photos that are not up to my usual quality standards.  I almost didn't share them, but I love this mani too much to keep it to myself!
pastel dot manicure with LeChat gel polish

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  1. Pink Lady calls itself a sheer but it looks to be pretty opaque. What was your experience?

    1. My honest opinion: whoever is in charge of categorizing polishes for LeChat is clearly confused about finishes. Pink Lady is opaque. Its almost a cream and appears to be cream on the nail, but there's a super-micro-fine shimmer when you look closely at the polish. My camera does not capture it at all and my eyes don't see it once cured. But LeChat also calls shimmers frosts. Prime example: Night at the Cinema is labeled as a frost. Very strange.

    2. Oh my! That was one of the things I really like about LeChat's colour chart on their website; that they specify the finish on the gel polishes! I've purchased "Angel's Breeze" mood SOG to try next, and it's called a frost, so we'll see what kind of finish it produces, exactly.

      This manicure has just the perfect colour scheme for Spring and Easter, if you could leave your nails alone for that long. The Easter Bunny would do her nails like that if she could.

  2. Love the pastel combo <3 I have trouble making all the dots the same size, but yours look great.


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