Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Whole Lot of Dots with Daisy DUO

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Hello Loves.  When I swatched the last three Daisy DUO colors from Esther's Nail Center, I threatened to try them as a color block.  I still think they would make a gorgeous color block manicure, but that's not what I have to show you today.  I did attempt the color block, and I'm happy to report that I have conquered my fear of tape manicures.  Now I absolutely loathe them.  Hats off to those of you who do them and do them well!

We all have our "thing" when it comes to nail art, and my thing is dots.  So I combined a Daisy DUO Purple Pride base with Bright Maroon and Gulf Stream dots to create this fun and funky doticure.  Check out last week's swatch post to see the colors on their own.  Note that I only used two coats of Purple Pride for this manicure, so when viewed directly beside the other colors the purple appears a bit lighter than it did in the swatch with three coats.
Daisy DUO Gel Polish

Excuse the staining around my cuticles.  I was playing with a few stamping designs before doing this one.  I thought I had removed all the polish from my skin, but apparently my camera can see what my eyes cannot.  Here are a few more shots.
Daisy Duo Gel Polish
Daisy DUO Gel Polish

Before I started writing this blog, I would frequently get questions about how I do my multi-color doticures.  I find that the trick is to use a two-way dotting tool so you can simply rotate the tool to easily switch colors.  In this case, I used the tool from this set with the same size tip on both ends.

So, it's not a tape mani or a color block, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. :)


*The polishes used in this post were supplied by Esther's Nail Center for my honest review.  This post also uses Amazon Affiliate links.


  1. I thought I was the only one who had trouble using tape on manicures. I've tried those french tip guides, regular tape, painters tape, even band aids all with leakage underneath. I seriously thought it was just me so I am glad to know that even someone with the experience you have has had trouble.

  2. Very pretty! I love the colors you picked


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