Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Fun Colors from Couture Gel Polish

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Hello Loves.  I have more Couture Gel Polish swatches to show you today.  I'm currently working on a large swatching project for Couture, so I have tons of swatches I have yet to share.  These are my favorites of the ones I have swatched most recently.  I love each of them for different reasons!

Cashmere is a medium, lilac cream.  Definitely not the color that comes to mind when I think of cashmere (I think soft grey), but beautiful none the less.  I really like the application on this one.  Like most Coutures, it is highly pigmented but applies smoothly with minimal streaking.
Couture Gel Polish Cashmere Swatch

Mardi Gras is just awesome!  This shimmery purple toned pink has so much dimension it's almost impossible to appreciate from a photo.  The shimmer is a bit chunkier than your usual shimmer, which makes the it easily opaque in three coats despite the jelly base.
Couture Gel Polish Mardi Gras Swatch

Million $ Tweet is a beautiful minty blue that is also packed with shimmer.  I didn't do a very good job of capturing it in this one though.  The highly pigmented base makes it completely opaque but tones down the shimmer a little.  If you click on the picture to view it a little larger, the shimmer is easier to see.
Couture Gel Polish Million $ Tweet swatch

Sheer Beauty is an incredible coral polish with a golden shimmer and a pink shift.  This one completely surprised me!  I was expecting a sheer polish, not a shifter.  It is simply stunning in person.  It was also easy to apply without getting streaks that are so common with shifty polishes.
Couture Gel Polish Sheer Beauty Swatch

Trend Setter is another shifty polish.  This blue frost really stands out and gets attention.  I received so many complements when I wore it I actually lost count.  This one was a bit tricky to apply and avoid streaks due to the frosty finish, but a very thin third layer always does the trick.
Couture Gel Polish Trend Setter Swatch

Finally, Who's That Girl is another awesome shifty polish.  This is a soft, coppery nude frost with a golden shimmer.   Definitely a must have if you prefer muted colors but want a little excitement too.  Like Trend Setter, it was a little tricky to apply due to the frosty finish, but the same thin 3rd coat evened everything out nicely.
Couture Gel Polish Who's That Girl Swatch

Which of these gorgeous shades is your favorite? 


*The polishes featured in this post were provided by Couture Gel Nail Polish for my honest review.


  1. Ugh I am in looove with Sheer Beauty ♡ Million $ Tweet is gorgeous as well, I'm not fond of mint color usually but the shimmer is awesome!

  2. I love the shifters . . . Do you ever fade-test the purples? (Or pinks, for that matter?)

  3. I have tested the purples and found none of them to be faders. One used to fade but Couture fixed the formula for that one. As for the pinks, I haven't tested them all yet but I have tested the creams. The only one that fades is Chic - it goes from a brighter pink to a softer pink. I have been told by Couture that it shouldn't fade and may be a batch error. If there are any shades you are specifically curious about, please let me know and I'll be happy to test them :)

  4. Wow, beautiful colours. They all look stunning, but if I had to choose, I reckon Mardi Gras would top my list. Having said that, I can see a few of them being added to my next order from Couture. :)

  5. I love Sheer Beauty, but the others are amazing, too!

  6. how many coats of sheer beauty did you apply?? I swatched it and it's quite thin. I want it to be opaque so bad!!

    1. Hi Alison. All of my swatches are three thin coats. Did you shake your Sheer Beauty really well? I've found that Coutures will settle so they require a vigorous shake or they will seem sheer.


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