Friday, April 11, 2014

Gradient Stamped Blue Chevrons with Messy Mansion MM12

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Hello Loves.  I have another blue mani for Autism Awareness to share with you today.  I am completely in love with how this gradient stamped design turned out!  It has a very western feel to me.
Blue Gradient Stamped Chevrons with Messy Mansion MM12 and Mundo de Unas

I started with a base of Couture Ooh La La French.  I then stamped with a gradient of Mundo de Unas 6 Pastel Blue, 5 Turquoise and 4 Blue.  Check out her new online store for ease of ordering!  I finished off the design with two different sized silver studs on each nail.  I honestly can't remember where I picked these up, but there just your average nail art studs.  :)

The image is from Messy Mansion MM12, aka The Chevron Plate.  I adore this image for the detail and uniqueness!
Messy Mansion MM12 Chevron Plate

Here's my standard closeup.  You can see the shade difference between Mundo de Unas 5 Turquoise and 4 Blue much better on the thumb nail in this shot.
Blue Gradient Stamped Chevrons with Messy Mansion MM12 and Mundo de Unas

I just realized I have mentioned Couture Ooh La La French a lot in previous posts but have never shared my swatch.  It was taken before I shorted my nails, so excuse the variation in length.  This is my perfect bright white!  Flawless coverage in my usual three thin coats.
Couture Gel Polish Ooh La La French Swatch

Finally, don't forget to check out these other lovely blue manicures for Autism Awareness. In case you missed it, here's my first Autism Awareness mani for 2014 where I shared why this cause means so much to me personally.


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  1. That gradient stamping is fabulous! What is your technique for that? I have that plate and I can't wait to try it.

    1. Hi Sara. I painted the stripes of polish across the image, then scraped in the same direction of the stripes. I then scraped again to help blend the colors. I have a pictorial on the technique in another gradient stamped manicure. The easiest way to find it is through my nail art gallery. The manicure is a black base with pastel heart outlines. The photo should take you straight to the post. :)

    2. I found the post (which was super helpful) and also found my way to the Mundo de Unas website. They have a ton of awesome stamping colors and are very reasonably priced. Thanks for the tips!


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