Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY Hard Nails Jade Glitz, Purple Tonic and Sun Glow

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DIY Hard Nails Thermal Gel Polish Swatches and Review

Hello Loves!  As promised, I have three more DIY Hard Nails thermals to show you today.  Sun Glow, Jade Glitz and Purple Tonic.  These three definitely satisfy my need for funky color changers.  :)  If you missed my full review and wear test of DIY Hard Nails, be sure to check it out here.

Before we get to the swatches, I should warn you that I'm quite sick still and on a ton of medication right now.  Turns out I caught myself a nice little case of pneumonia.  No worries, it's mild as far a pneumonia goes and I'm still alive and kicking.  It just means I'm a little loopy so if I start talking gibberish or making no sense at all, you'll know why.  I should be back to usual self in a few days.  Oh, I should also note that all polishes were swatched, photographed and edited before this nasty bug moved into my lungs, so no worries there.  I'm not polishing sick.  Just writing sick.  lol

So, onto the swatches.  The first gorgeous polish I have to show you is called Jade GlitzJade Glitz is sweet little number that shifts from Mellow Yellow green when warm to a very pretty lime peel green when cold.  She is also loaded with multiple sizes of silver glitter, thus the glitz. ;)  Application is as expected with DIY Hard Nails - she went on smooth and leveled nicely.  I did feel I needed three coats for this one to hide my stubborn VNL in the completely warm phase, but it honestly didn't stay completely warm on me for long so the third coat was pointless.  By the way, Jade Glitz is THE perfect base for the citrus image on Bundle Monster BM-308 plate.  I totally stamped it to prove it, then forgot to take pictures before I removed it.  Definitely not my smartest moment, and I can't even blame that one on the medication.
DIY Hard Nails Jade Glitz Swatch

DIY Hard Nails Jade Glitz Swatch

Moving on, Purple Tonic is my personal favorite of the three.  In the warm phase, she's a sweet lavender shade.  When she gets cold, she turns quite blurple.  Yes, I know blurple isn't a word, but how else do you describe a color that isn't quite blue but isn't purple either?  Blurple it is! Like Jade Glitz, Purple Tonic is also loaded with multiple sizes of silver glitter.  Application is quite nice, she self levels well and I found I only needed two coats for full coverage.  Side note: try saying "blurple" five times fast.  I bet you can't do it, but you're guaranteed to laugh trying.  ;)
DIY Hard Nails Purple Tonic Swatch

 DIY Hard Nails Purple Tonic Swatch

Finally, Sun Glow is the beachiest thermal I have ever laid eyes on.  There I go making up words again, but seriously, she's the color of a perfect ocean sunset.  In the warm phase, Sun Glow is a not quite neon orange shade.  More the color of a Sunkist Orange Soda (sheesh, apparently I could really go for a soda right now).  In the cold phase, she shifts to that warm reddish-orange tone that you only see occurring naturally in a sunset.  But the real kicker is the micro-fine golden glitter scattered throughout.  Sadly, my translucent skin doesn't do her justice.  I almost broke out the bottle of fake tan before swatching this one...almost.  Thankfully it occurred to me that Oompa Loompa orange skin probably wouldn't compliment her any more than my Casper tone, so yeah...  But I digress.  As with the other two, application was nice and she levels well.  I really wish I could have gotten a photo of the natural shift, but that gradual shift eluded me on this one.  It was there, pretty as you please, taunting me every time I was in a different room than my camera.  So...yeah...imagine the perfect sunset gradient.  Yep, that's how Sun Glow looks in a natural shift.  :)  If you would like to see how Sun Glow looks with a tan, click through any of the links above (or here) and take a gander at the swatch there. :)
DIY Hard Nails Sun Glow Swatch

 DIY Hard Nails Sun Glow Swatch

What do you think of these not so subtle shifters?  Is there one...or two...or three that need to find their way home with you?  If so, you can pick up a bottle of your very own here!  Oh, and since you managed to read through my delirious ramblings, here's an insider tip:  My final Blogiversary giveaway goes live at midnight if you have a shipping address in the US, come back and enter for a chance to win yourself some DIY Hard Nails gel polish!  (My apologies to my international readers - this one is US only due to shipping issues.  I promise I'll find a way to show you more love soon.  Speaking of, if you haven't entered my 3rd giveaway for a $35 Girly Bits Cosmetics Gift Card, it is open internationally!  Go enter!  Ooh, and the Hobby Polish Bloggers Facebook Giveaway is open internationally too with three "cash" prizes!)


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