Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Glam Polish Halloween 2014!

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Glam Polish Halloween 2014

Hello Loves!  I'm super excited about these two incredible polishes from Glam Polish!  Why?  Because they're Halloween and drop dead gorgeous!  I'm a huge fan of Halloween.  I look forward to breaking out the Halloween polish and nail art every year.  Heck, we've been watching Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for months already! 

Want a closer look at what Glam Polish has in store for us?  Of course you do.  But before we get to the swatches, I should point out that these babies are available for preorder today at

First up is FrankenSlime 2014.  This is a slimy green holographic crelly base with purple and neon green glitter scattered throughout.  There's so much going on in this relatively simple polish that it is pretty mind blowing.  I also adore the Glam Polish formula.  This is an easy two coats, which is really saying something for an RNP challenged gel user like me.  ;)
Glam Polish FrankenSlime 2014 Swatch

I left my pinkie and index nails a little out of focus in this next shot in an attempt to capture the holographic effect a bit better.  See that fuzzy green rainbow?  It's much stronger in daylight.  Of course, I never get the chance to swatch during daylight hours thanks to my boys, but I think I captured it ok here.
Glam Polish FrankenSlime 2014 Swatch

Naturally, I couldn't take this one off without turning it into a slime mani.  It IS called FrankenSlime, after all.  Can you believe this is my very first slime mani?  Crazy, right?  I paired FrankenSlime 2014 with That Old Black Magic (swatched on it's own here) and I'm in love with the final result.  :)  I think the double holos give it a toxic effect, but I admit I may be off my rocker.  The neon glitter in FrankenSlime shows up a bit better in this photo too.
Slime manicure with Glam Polish Frankenslime 2014 and That Old Black Magic

Ready for the next polish?  Snoopy the Witch is a super fun glitter topper with holographic shimmer, black and white stars, and a mix of orange, purple and white hexes, squares and circles of various sizes.  I have swatched it below as one coat over Couture Private Jet.  I found this topper to be fairly easy to apply.  The glitters come off the brush easily, though I did have to do a little bit of placement on some of the larger pieces.  I should note that this one requires a good shake before application or those stars will hide from you.  But after a few good whacks, they started popping up on the brush without issue.
Glam Polish Snoopy The Witch Swatch

Glam Polish Snoopy The Witch Swatch

Did I mention we are HUGE peanuts fans in my house?  I think I did, right?  So naturally I had to do a little nail art with this one too.  I mean, Snoopy and all.  Sadly, I didn't think this one through very well.  Don't get me wrong, I love my little Witchy Snoopy, but I should have put him on my middle nail.  I didn't account for the curve of my ring fingernail making him look a little like Brian's clone on Family Guy when photographed in my standard nail art pose.  (If you're not familiar with the episode, here's a video clip.  Warning, NSFW due to language).
Snoopy over Glam Polish Snoopy The Witch

To prove my sweet little Snoopy doesn't REALLY look like Brian's clone, I took a closeup from a better angle.  See, much better.  lol
Closeup of Snoopy over Glam Polish Snoopy The Witch

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I went for the low hanging fruit on the nail art.  Slime for FrankenSlime and Snoopy for Snoopy the Witch, but can you blame me?  These polish names are adorable!

What do you think?  Do you need these awesome Halloween polishes from Glam Polish in your stash?  If so, preorder yours today at with shipping to Australia and the USA.  USA Shipping rates are $7.95 for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each additional polish.  If you're outside of Australia or the US, no worries.  There are several international distributors to choose from.  Check them out here to find a distributor near you.  Oh, and don't forget to follow Glam Polish on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see swatches and announcements about new collections.


*The Polishes featured in this blog post were provided by Glam Polish for my honest review.

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  1. Not at all like Brian! I love Snoopy and want the polish just because of the name, lol.
    Frankenslime is very interesting, even though I'm not a fan of greens. Lovely swatches Michelle!


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