Friday, September 5, 2014

One Stroke Flowers thanks to Bundle Monster!

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One Stroke Nail Art with Bundle Monster Brush

Hello loves!  Bundle Monster recently sent me a few products to review, and I was thrilled to find a set of acrylic paints and new brushes!  If you're a regular reader of my little blog here, you know I struggle with one stroke nail art.  I have been convinced for a while now that my brushes are to blame, so new brushes are something to get excited over for sure.  Turns out I was right, my brushes WERE the problem!  Okay, okay, it wasn't just the brushes as my technique clearly needs a little work too, but I'm thrilled to finally have a set of brushes that work for me.  Want to see them?  And the paints?
One Stroke Nail Art Brushes and Paints from Bundle Monster

The brushes come in a set of 7 ranging from size 2 to size 14.  The bristles are synthetic and rounded slightly at the corners.  For this mani, I used the size 6 brush that I'm holding in the first photo.  I was really surprised to learn that this is a very affordable set at only $5.99 on Bundle Monster's Website.  They are also available as an add-on item on Amazon if that's more your shopping style.

The acrylic paints are a set of Oumaxi Acrylic Paints in 12 colors (also available on Amazon here).  The paints I have tried in the past didn't really want to stick and give an opaque finish over the slick gel polish top coat, but I found these to work perfectly.  I also love the range of colors!  For this mani, I used the white and the burgundy shade from the set.
One Stroke Nail Art with Oumaxi paint from Bundle Monster

Enough about the supplies.  Want to see more of the mani?  I thought you might :)  My base is Bundle Monster Gel Polish in Darling Delight from the Oasis Collection I reviewed here.  I created the flowers by using a dabbing motion with the #6 brush.  I finished the look with a few swipes of white using a small detail brush.
One Stroke Nail Art
One Stroke Nail Art
One Stroke Nail Art

I am beyond pleased with how this mani turned out!  The flowers on the ring and pinkie nails could use a little work.  I find it hard to do much of anything when my little one decides he will absolutely die if he doesn't climb into my lap at that very moment.  lol  But overall, I'm happy.  And goodness knows that I will be attempting one-stroke nail art a lot more now that I have brushes and paints that actually work for me!  Thank you Bundle Monster for providing these brushes and paints for review.  You seriously enabled me on this one!

What do you think?  Did I nail it this time?


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  1. This looks lovely! Well done :)

  2. Totally nailed it! And I love those colors you chose. :)

  3. Lovely. It is so nice when you get the right tools!

  4. This is SO stunning and I am in total awe of your skills. (once again) I may also be totally green with envy. This is something I just can not do.


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