Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guest Post: Novi from Colors Frenzy!

Hello Loves.  I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, so I'm turning it over for today to a delightful nail artist and blogger named Novi from Colors Frenzy.  Novi has been inspiring me with her creative pieces for a while now, so I was thrilled when she agreed to show you one of her designs today in my absence.  I'll be back Friday with swatches of the BMC Woodland Fantasy Collection that I managed to finish before this stupid pneumonia put me out of swatching condition, assuming I feel up to editing the photos between now and then.  In the mean time, here's Novi!  (Please don't read that in the creepy "Here's Johnny" voice from the Shining. lol).  Be sure to check out her blog at Colors Frenzy to see why I adore her so!  And maybe show her a little love on Instagram and Facebook too.  ;)


Hi everyone! 

I'm Novi from the blog Colors Frenzy. I'm excited to be guest posting for Michelle, I've only known her for a little while through a facebook group, but I have always admired her creation. Not to mention almost all of them are done over gel polish, something I'm very unfamiliar with, and she does it like a pro!

The manicure I'm sharing with you today is a double stamping over a super gorgeous multichrome polish from ILNP, Sirene (H). I started with applying 3 thin coats of the base color and used a fast drying top coat. Then I stamped the image from Pueen Encore set, plate SE04A with Mundo de Unas Black. The second stamping is way more subtle, since I wanted to still show the color shift. I used the image from MoYou Pro plate 15 and ILNP Mega. They might be a tad too subtle, but I love it, it's like a hologram card that you'd have to tilt to one side to get a different image to show, know what I mean? I sealed the stamping with HK Girl top coat.

Double Stamping over ILNP Sirene

Double Stamping over ILNP Sirene

Double Stamping over ILNP Sirene

Hope you guys enjoyed the post, and thank you so much Michelle for having me here!



  1. Love these! Novi is one of my very favourite nail artists and these are lovely.

    Hope you feel better soon Michelle!

  2. This is so so so pretty! Great job Novi, and feel better Michelle!

  3. The overall effect has come out quite stunning


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