Thursday, January 22, 2015

Press Release: Le Mini Macaron Kickstarter

Press Release

Le Mini Macaron to Launch on Kickstarter January 9
Birmingham, AL and Shanghai, China

Beauty start-up Camelia Beauty announces the launch of a brand new nail product to debut this Friday, January 9 on Kickstarter.

Le Mini Macaron is an all-in-one gel manicure kit, inspired by the colorful French macaron. This adorable, affordable kit gives girls all the tools needed to create beautiful and shiny gel manicures by themselves at home.

Gel manicures started to become popular 4-5 years ago as an alternative to regular nail polish manicures. Gel is famous for its brilliant shine and long-lasting, chip-free results. However, gel manicures are usually done at a salon by a professional nail technician, requiring an LED lamp to cure the gel dry. In addition, application tends to be time-consuming, with many steps and products involved, and costing on average of $30-50 each time.

“The invention of gel polish was a huge advancement in the nail industry. Girls could now have manicures that last 2-3 weeks without any chipping, and with an incredible shine that regular nail polish just couldn’t achieve,” says Christina Kao, Managing Partner at Camelia Beauty and one of the creators of Le Mini Macaron. “But while gel offers amazing benefits, it is also considered expensive. With the launch of Le Mini Macaron, we wanted to make gel available to all girls, so everyone could experience the fantastic results…without the heavy price tag.”

Le Mini Macaron was created for girls who like doing their own nails, and who appreciate an application process that is fast, easy and fuss-free! “I personally love beauty products that not only give great results, but also come in cute, colorful packaging! That’s what we have tried to do with Le Mini Macaron,” says Christina.

The Macaron Concept
Everyone loves macarons! From high-end French pâtisseries to retail fashion, beauty, and gift products, these colorful French pastries are a great inspiration. “We designed our product around the macaron because it’s such a simple concept, yet so fun, pretty, flirty and easily identifiable. With the colors and flavors, we have endless room to play and create new gel polish colors. The reaction we have gotten so far from consumers has been so exciting, and we really believe in the potential of this concept,” says Christina.

Inside Every Kit
The cute and compact kits come in different macaron-inspired colors (like Strawberry Pink and Lavender Purple) and include everything needed to DIY gel manicures at home:
* A one-finger LED lamp, designed like a French macaron
* A bottle of shiny gel polish, applies in only one step
* Power charger with a USB adapter
* Cuticle stick and nail file to aid in application
* 10 soak-off remover pads
* Detailed instructions for application and removal

Product Highlights: LED Lamp
* LED lamp cures in only 30 seconds. Small but powerful. (Compare to 60, 90, and 120 second lamps.)
* Sleek design with matte, soft touch surface.
* Small and portable – convenient to bring to school, office or home.
* LED lamp cures toenails too – just flip the magnetic top around!
* USB charger plugs straight into the laptop for added convenience.

Product Highlights: Gel Polish
* One-step gel. The 3-in-1 formula contains base coat, color, and top coat in one bottle for simplicity and convenience.
* The brilliant shine and lasting of gel polish without the hassle.
* Easy on, easy off. One-step gel is easier to remove than 3-step gel. Soaking with the remover pads for 10 minutes will allow the gel to lift off easily.
* Chip-free formula lasts for 7-10 days.

Why Kickstarter?
“We started our company Camelia Beauty two years ago, but both François and I had been in the business in other capacities prior to this,” says Christina. “We have all the creativity and resources for design and large-scale production, and we are passionate to get our product to market as fast as possible. But with large retailers and actually getting products onto store shelves, this takes months of planning and time. So we decided to put Le Mini Macaron onto Kickstarter so that we could launch now and put our products into the hands of our customers as fast as possible.”

The Kickstarter campaign will launch on January 9 and run for 30 days. “Our hope is to generate interest and contributions for Le Mini Macaron from our target customers…enough so we can do an initial production run to start. And in return we are offering different rewards, from single products to limited edition sets,” says Christina. “Kickstarter and crowd funding is a great way to test your product in front of the end consumer and either validate that your product has legs out in the real world…or gather targeted consumer feedback so as to revise and refine your product further.”

“We have a lot of belief in the potential of Le Mini Macaron and also the future of one-step gel in general,” says François, founder and GM of Camelia Beauty and one of the creators of Le Mini Macaron. “When we see how fast and easy it is to apply, along with the excellent results, we understand that one-step gel is going to revolutionize the way girls do their manicures. And we want to be at the forefront of this change.”

In future, Le Mini Macaron will be available online at a retail price of $30 via

Visit our Kickstarter Campaign Here.

Le Mini Macaron is a new beauty brand focused on nails and gel polish. It was founded by Christina Kao and Francois-Xavier Humbert and is one of the brands under Camelia Beauty, LLC. We have offices in Shanghai, China, Birmingham, AL in the U.S. and Lyon, France. Other brands under Camelia Beauty are Shine & Sheen ( and MyTrendyKit (

For press inquiries or opportunities regarding retailer/distributor partnerships, please contact Christina Kao at

*This post is a Press Release from Le Mini Macaron.  All content within was provided by Le Mini Macaron.


  1. It's a nice idea, but they're a bit late! Sensationail has already launched something just like this, called Fuse Gelnamel. It's launched in the UK and is in shops already:

  2. This is too stinking cute. Bought a set just cause Im curious. Hopefully the formula is better quality (and easier to soak off) than some of the other "non-salon" brands at drug stores.


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