Friday, January 2, 2015

The Surprise in Bundle Monster Mulberry Surprise

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Bundle Monster Gel Polish Mulberry Surprise Review

Hello Loves!  I originally planned to show you the last two colors in the Bundle Monster Fruit Cocktails Thermal Gel Polish Collection today since I showed you Raspberry Rush at the beginning of December.  Well, I just couldn't do it.  As soon as I swatched Mulberry Surprise, I realized it just wouldn't be fair to Berry Fizz to show them both in the same post.  Why?  Well, I discovered a major surprise in Mulberry Surprise!  She's a tricolor thermal!  I mean, I couldn't exactly say "Hey, check out this awesome tricolor thermal gel.  It's amazing.  Oh yeah, and here's Berry Fizz."  Don't get me wrong, Berry Fizz is beautiful as you will see in a future post, but a two color thermal just can't compete with a tricolor thermal in the same post.

So, what is the third color in Mulberry Surprise?  A deep, dark purple!  The phases are pretty much green when warm, mauve when cold/cool and dark purple when colder.  I didn't realize there were three colors until I took the dogs out for a bathroom break and saw a very unexpected shift.  Bundle Monster definitely slipped this one in under the radar!  All of the photos on their website only show the first two colors in the shift.
BMC Mulberry Surprise Theramal Gel Polish Phases

I admit, Mulberry Surprise isn't the color pallet I am normally drawn to, but I am blown away by the difference between the colors in each phase.  I mean, that's some pretty dramatic shifting!  I'm also impressed with the formula and application for this one.  The consistency is nice - not incredibly thick and it offers full coverage in two coats.  (Note:  the thick appearance in the photos is due to the acrylic under the gel polish.  The gel polish itself does not appear thick on the nail.  I'll be so glad when my natural nails have grown back out!)

Capturing the full range of color in transition on my nails proved a bit challenging.  It shifted easily outside in the cold, but as soon as I got back indoors to take a picture it quickly responded to the indoor temperature and started shifting back to the warm/cold phase.  You can see the "colder" phase on the ring and pinkie nails in the photo below.  The warm and cold colors showing on the index nail remind me a bit of a McIntosh apple.
Bundle Monster Thermal Gel Polish Mulberry Surprise Swatch

Since I'm not happy unless you can see all of the phases, here's a forced shot using warm and cold water.
Bundle Monster Thermal Gel Polish Mulberry Surprise Swatch

Of course, I couldn't resist stamping over Mulberry Surprise to see how it would look.  I selected an image from plate BM-607 from the Bundle Monster 2014 CYO Collection.  I love the Bundle Monster plates, so I naturally had to buy this one as soon as it was released in 2014.  The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Purple.  I love the finished mani, but it reminds me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, so it might be better suited for fall.  I'll have to remember this one for next Halloween.  ;)
Stamping over Bundle Monster Mulberry Surprise

What do you think of the tricolor action in Mulberry Surprise?  It definitely surprised me.  I was expecting a normal two color thermal.  If this is a gel polish you need in your collection, you can get it from the Bundle Monster Website here or through Amazon here.  Heck, go ahead and pick up the whole Fruit Cocktail Collection!  You won't regret it.  :)


*Mulberry Surprise was provided by Bundle Monster for my honest review.  The 2014 CYO plate collection was purchased by me.  This post uses Amazon affiliate links.  Purchases through those links generate commissions that help fund this site.  All other links are courtesy links that do not benefit  


  1. This is freaking awesome, Michelle!! I love the shot before your forced shot, it reminds me of the thermal shirts of the 90s. LOL!

  2. Woah. That is amazing. And they are such different colors, too!!

  3. Best surprise ever! The shift is so intense!

  4. This is nuts. :). " My Destiny" has a bit of a tri-color thing going, but it is certainly not as much of a contrast.


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