Monday, December 9, 2013

All About You: Do you Blog? Instagram? Pinterest?

Hello Lovely Readers!  No nails today as this post is all about you. :)  I would love to know more about my readers.  Are you a gel user?  Stamper?  General nail art fan?  What are your favorite brands?  Is there a topic you would like for me to cover?  If you have a blog, instagram or pinterest account, please share it in the comments as well.  I will swing by and add you to my reading list.  :)



  1. As you can probably tell by my name... I'm a Gelish fanatic!! The fact that gels are done and smudge-proof in minutes AND the you can get a good 2 weeks chip-free out of them are what sold me. I set up my blog as a way to explore doing different kinds of nail art with gels -- there are TONS of blogs with tips and tricks for regular nail polish, but very, veeerry few for us gel gals ;)

    I loooooove studs and Japanese nail art. I'm trying to get more into hand painting nail art and I want to get into stamping.

    I update my Instagram most often and try to do 1-2 blog posts a week. :)

    Instagram: @gelishgeek
    Pinterest: @gelishgeekery

    Your blog is awesome, btw! Thanks for all the info and nail arts!

  2. Hello! I discovered you from AIS on facebook because of your beautiful manis! I use RNP and haven't converted to gel. In face, i've never tried anything but RNP! I may some time, but I really like the quality of my nails and I fear it will ruin them. D: and I have so much invested in my np collection, I don't believe I could convert, though your art makes for some good persuasion. :)

    I blog about nail art, swatches and reviews and obviously I love to stamp! It's kind of a new passion for me, but i'm creating a hefty collection due to the AiS group. ;) and everything I post is usually off of blogger, then I post links to the blog or pictures from the posts on other platforms, except on occasion I add a pic to instagram that doesn't hit the blog.

    Instagram: @PolishedPooka

    All the rest of my links are in my blog's side bar if you're interested! Thanks for the invitation to share with you. Keep up the awesome art!

    1. Gel polish has gotten some bad press over the past year, so I understand your concerns. The truth is that ot can damage your nails if not applied and removed properly. That's a great idea for a post! At the same time, gel isn't for everyone and that's perfectly ok too. :)

  3. Just found your blog thanks to you being so helpful on FB! You have beautiful swatches.
    I always wear gel polish base and top coat and then regular polish over that. Just because I like to change polish everyday. I feel that it's really helping the health of my nails and protects them from yellowing when I have gel polish as a base coat.

    I started blogging a couple a months ago and I do mostly simple nail art. I like to try every technique I find out about. I love all kinds of charms, studs and everything I can glue onto my nail. That's why I call my blog Blingfinger.


  4. I think I found your blog through finding a random gel polish swatch of yours on a pinterest nail board I also watch/post to. I LOVE gel polishes--RNP never lasted more than 3 days for me, if I was lucky.

    Since gels can be a little more expensive and often require online purchasing to obtain, I hoard all the gel polish blogs I can! I often like to see all the swatches I can get before I commit to buying, especially since colors can look different depending on the lighting they're swatched in. That's also why I created a gel polish swatch blog of my own, in addition to browsing lots of blogs and a few gel polish forums.

    Your swatches are amazing, by the way! I think I've added quite a few glitters to my wish list after browsing your blog.

  5. I discovered your blog via the Messy Mansion facebook page :) I'm an instagrammer, I love nail art and stamping and love learning more about gel polish :) Oh, and I'm a terrible blog commenter as I use Bloglovin and a tablet and find it a hassle to comment. :P


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