Sunday, December 29, 2013

Neutral, Gold and Ladybugs: A New Years Mani Fail

Contest Prize Purchased by Me

Hello Loves.  The mani I have been wearing for the past few days is a bit of a failure in my opinion.  It looked great in my head but didn't translate to the nail as well as I hoped.  I knew better than to attempt a neutral and gold combination.  Those two together never look good with my skin tone.  Since I love the overall design, I decided to show it to you even though it looks horrible on me. 

The base for this manicure is the second color I won in the Couture's Halloween Nail Art Contest.  Couture Gel Nail Polish Dance til Dawn is a gorgeous, slightly tan leaning, milky, white polish.  I took a picture before I added the stamping, but I forgot I changed my camera settings to take pictures of the boys on Christmas morning so the pictures didn't turn out.  I snapped a few of my swatch stick to show you until I get a chance to do another hand swatch.
Couture Dance til Dawn Swatch

I also snapped a shot of Dance til Dawn beside Couture Ooh La La French, which is a pure white.  This shows the true color of Dance til Dawn much better, I think.  Dance til Dawn is on the left, Ooh La La French is on the right. 
Couture Dance til Dawn swatch

Onto the nail art details.  The full nail image is from Dashica XL sdp-34 and is stamped in Maybelline Metallic Bold Gold.  I then added this cute little ladybug from Pueen 46 from the Love Elements set.  The body of the ladybug is stamped in Sally Hansen Insta-dri Red-io Active and the head is Mundo de Unas Black.  I then used a fine dotting tool to fill in the spots on his back and a fine nail art brush to fill in between the wings.
gold and ladybug

You may be wondering why I added the ladybug for what was supposed to be a New Years mani.  Well, long story short, 2013 has been a rough year.  Ladybugs are believed to bring good fortune, and I can certainly use some of that in the new year!  Of course, the good fortune is mostly true for farmers since ladybugs eat crop destroying aphids, but maybe this adorable little lady will bring me a bit of fortune as well.  While I plan to remove this mani and try again before New Years, he will appear again in my next design.  :)


Note: Couture Dance til Dawn was provided as a contest prize by Couture Gel Nail Polish.  All other products used in this post were purchased by me.  

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