Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wintery Blue Snowflakes

Purchased by Me

Hello lovely readers.  The stamping group challenge for this week is a mani using three blues.  My first thought was that this one would be so easy!  Well, I was wrong.  It certainly isn't easy when you have so many blues to choose from!

You see, I started buying every blue I could find when I was pregnant with my second son.  My oldest son came 5 weeks early due to growth restriction and weighed only 4 lbs and 4 oz.  Since the doctors couldn't say what caused him to stop growing, I was considered high risk and was monitored closely during my second pregnancy.  When I started nearing the third trimester, my second started slowing down on his growth too and I convinced myself that I had to wear blue polish at all times.  Because, well, if I wore any other color I would go into labor and my nails would be the wrong color for his birth.  I know, it was a crazy way to think.  But I guess there's a part of me that is a tad bit superstitious and another part that simply knows I have that kind of luck.  As long as my nails were blue, he would keep growing and developing.  Needless to say, I came up with a lot of different ways to wear blue.  And when his doctors did decide it was time to take him (3 weeks early at 5 lbs 4 oz), I was already wearing the perfect blue polka-dot mani.  :)

But enough about why I have so many blues and onto my current mani.  It took a while, but I finally decided my three blues should be a base, a glitter, and a stamp.  As usual, details below.
I started with a base of Red Carpet Manicure Country Club Chic.  I then topped that with a glitter fade from the cuticle edge using ArtsyFartsy Crafts Ultrafine Light Blue Holographic glitter.  I finished it off with snowflake stamps from Bundle Monster BM-319 and Gals GA-41 in Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue.

Once again, my light box killed the glitter.  Below is a short video to show all it's glittery holo goodness.

Here's the swatch of Country Club Chic on it's own.  This gorgeous blue shimmer is from the limited edition Hamptons collection.  I personally think RCM should bring this one back as a permanent shade.  It is such a great blue!
Country Club Chic Swatch

Oh, and one more thing...I entered my glittery roses manicure from last week in the MoYou-London December Pinterest Contest (ends December 31, 2013).  Each like counts as one point and each repin counts as two points.  The top three pins win some of the incredible new Fairy Tale plates.  I will be ever so grateful if you will click here to see my entry and like and/or repin it.  Thanks!


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