Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FingerPaints Gel Polish: Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me

Hello lovely readers.  With the holidays approaching, I'm being a good girl and resisting the new collections that I so desperately want to buy.  Instead, I'm working my way through my current stash.  Today, I have a few FingerPaints Gel Polish colors to show you.  These are available for purchase at Sally Beauty.

The first polish I have to show you is Modern Motif.  This is a gorgeous metallic blue.  It appears a bit darker in less direct lighting, which gives it a nice range of tones and variations.  You can see this a bit on my pinkie nail. 
FingerPaints Modern Motif Swatch

The bottles are 1/3 fl oz (9.8 ml), which is a bit small but slightly larger than Gelish Mini or Red Carpet Manicure.  The brush is thinner than I prefer, but still manageable.  But the biggest annoyance in the bottles for me is the wrapper on the top.  It's a shrink wrap label similar to those on the OPI GelColor bottles, and I find that it often spins when you try to remove the top so that you can't really unscrew it without a lot of effort.  I have to pop the label off to unscrew the top and then replace the label when I'm done.  The bottles are not marked in any other way to indicate the color inside as far as I can tell.

The second color I chose to swatch for you may be my favorite out of my FingerPaints Gel colors.  This deep, royal purple is Hue Do You He-Art.  I adore the subtle shimmer.
FingerPaints Hue Do You He-Art Swatch

The gels do come in a nice range of colors and finishes.  The formula is ok.  Not too thick or too thin, but it can be extremely tricky in an unusual way.  Some of the polishes seem to settle and separate, which results in pitting when you apply them.  It almost seems like there are oil spots on the nail and the polish avoids those spots.  It doesn't happen with every bottle, and it seems that it is not specific to a color.  Very strange.  I have five colors.  Two of them pit.  I have friends with the same colors and they do not have issues with them but have issues with colors that are fine for me.  I have found that warming the gel a bit and shaking the devil out of it helps tremendously.

In addition to the colors, I also have the FingerPaints bonder, Base coat and Top coat in my arsenal.  Overall, I like the system.  The base wears well for me and soak off is average.  The top coat is comparable to brands like Gelish and Red Carpet Manicure in terms of shine.  The Bonder, however, is my favorite component!  I use it for every manicure (even with other systems) to prevent lifting so that I don't have to buff my nails.  It's great and works flawlessly.

All in all, I like the wear and colors enough that the small packaging issues and pitting doesn't deter me from purchasing more. :) And, again, I simply can't live without that bonder!



  1. try removing the wrapper from the top and curing the color on it

  2. There is a sticker on the bottom that has the name of the polish color

    1. Thank you! The stickers were missing from these two, but I just checked a few others and there it is. :)


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